Ab Training For Athletes!

USP - Ab training for athletes

Are you training your abs specific for your sport or doing what you’ve always done?

Many coaches believe athletes don’t require any core or ab training outside of general strength exercises.

Our thought process at USP aligns with if something is weak, we target it. The core is no different.

Here are some of the core drills that we use with our athletes:

1. Football Banded Isometric Pallof Press – Core strength at extremities (think long levers) for the ability to mark with arms outstretched and keep the trunk strong and stable during body contact. @richmondwomens  @aflwomens captain @_katiebrennan

2. Swiss Ball Tackle Twist – Trunk rotation that aids with tackling. @afl @gcsuns vice captain @samjcollins

3. Swimmers Cable Barbell Thoracic Rotation – Increase core stability and gain greater trunk rotational strength to produce force with the upper and lower limbs during swim stroke.
Coolangatta Gold Iron Woman Champion @courtney_hancock

4. Barbell Bus Drivers – Develops stabilisation of the core while engaging concentric and eccentric movement in the upper body. Added bonus of shoulder joint resiliency.
V8 @supercarschampionship Driver @markjwinterbottom

5. Side-Lying GHR Overhead Plate Press – Improved Core Stability, enhances core co-contraction. Fantastic for developing oblique strength, overhead stability for swimmers and court athletes.
Elite Triathlete @traviscolemanpt

All the best,

Joey Hayes