8 Key Exercises to Bullet Proof Athletic Feet and Ankles!

USP - 8 key exercises to bullet proof athletic feet ankles

1.Minimizing risk of foot and ankle injuries
2.Improve toe, foot and ankle strength
3.Enhanced force production and stiffness


Video 1 – High Heel Walks

Video 2 – Toe Crawls

Video 3 – Tow Bounces

Video 4 – Plate Toe Walks

Video 5 – Elevated Toe Taps

Video 6 – Toe Lift to Hip Flexion

Video 7 – Deep Flexor Rolling
Side Bridge

Video 8 – Peroneus Rolling
Side Bridge

Clips courtesy of Australian Triathlon Representative and USP Athlete Travis Coleman.

Credit to @ashmahoney @harrysimington @fransbosch for exercise inspiration and creation.

All the best,

Joey Hayes