Advanced Strength Training Tools for Maximal Strength and Power Development-Weight Releasers aka Eccentric Hooks

USP - Sam Michael Advanced strength training tools

Weight Releasers-Eccentric Hooks.

What are they?
Steel Hooks that are attached the bar and loaded with weight.

The hooks hang down lower than the bar, so as you lower the bar, the releasers hit the ground, making them “unhook” from the bar, releasing the weight from the bar.

Weight Releasers Benefits:

1. Help break thru strength plateaus!
2. Enhances capacity to control external force (beneficial for sports).
3. Increase Eccentric, Isometric and Concentric strength!
4. Psychologically getting used to holding heavy weights. Potential desensitization of Golgi tendon organ and muscle spindles.
5. Improve Muscle and Tendon Strength
6. Increase Neural Drive
7. Stimulate Hypertrophy
8. Enhance eccentric strength/concentric strength ratio.

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