Contrast Training for Explosive Leg Power!

USP - Sam Michael contrast training for explosive leg power

What is it?

Contrast Training involves super-setting a strength exercise eg. (Back Squat) with a plyometric exercise eg. (Running Vertical Jump).


  1. Jump Higher
  2. Sprint Faster
  3. Kick Further
  4. Keep Your Feet
  5. Enhanced Contested Footy

Provides Option for Low Volume plyometrics compared to a program solely Focused on plyometrics.

Science 101: Contrast Training works thru a phenomenon known as Post Tetanic Facilitation (PTP).

(PTP) theory states that a muscle can contract faster if it’s preceded by a strong contraction of the same muscle.

The strong muscular contraction recruits the more powerful fast twitch fibres, and these fibres are still activated when another movement is performed.

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