I’m not watching you play unless you…

USP - Imogen Evans, Joey Hayes and parents

I’m not watching you play unless you…

1. Get Best On Ground..
2. Kick a Goal..
3. Put Some Massive Hits On..
4. Win The Game!

Well that’s what I said to Collingwood AFLW debutante Imogen Evans before her first game…

USP - Imogen Evans and Family and Joey Jersey

Imogen Evans with Joey Hayes and parents Cassandra and Mark Evans following her debut game for Collingwood against Carlton.

USP - Imogen Evans gives Joey a Collingwood Jersey

Immy gives Joey a Collingwood jersey for the USP Hall of Fame!

Click the video to check out the highlights from her first game

And yep you guessed it
She did all those things!
In case you were wondering – I didn’t say anything like that.
All the best,

Joey Hayes