Active Meditation Exercise Therapy AMET©

Active Meditation Exercise Therapy AMET©:

Is a Ground Breaking Revolutionary Recovery Modality that will allow you to:

  • Accelerate Nervous System Recovery!
  • Instantly Decrease Pain and Injuries!
  • Rapidly Reduce Stress!
  • Induce Flow State!
  • Boost Deep Restful Sleep!
  • Enhance Relaxation!
  • Decrease Anxiety!
  • Experience a deep sense of calm and stillness!
  • Reap the benefits of active meditation!
  • Release physical stress, tension and emotional trauma!
  • Elicit mindfulness
  • Improve clarity and focus!

Who Developed AMET©?

AMET© was developed by Australia’s leading strength and conditioning specialist, Joey Hayes-owner of Ultimate Sports Performance. Joey’s revolutionary techniques and methods have been featured on Channel 7, 9, 10, Fox Sports, The Gold Coast Bulletin, The Herald Sun, Daily Telegraph, Muscle And Fitness Magazine and ABC Radio. Joey has used AMET© to enhance the recovery of elite and professional athletes under his guidance. The unique combination of various recovery enhancing modalities including sound healing, breathing, movement, tremor, aromatherapy and meditation intertwined together in a unique system reaps rapid results in minimal time.

How does it work?

AMET© invokes your body’s natural ‘neurogenic tremor’ reflex to release stress, reduce pain, restore natural movement, deepen embodiment & build body-based resilience & coping capacity. The autonomic shakes, tremors, movements and stretches invoked with AMET© vary greatly from individual to individual, with the location, amplitude and nature of the movements determined by the organic wisdom of the body itself. The videos below provide just a few examples of the diverse range of movements experienced with AMET© such as subtle vibrations, legs & arms shaking, side to side pelvic rocking, undulating movements of the torso & spine and full body stretches known as myofascial releases.

Do I need to be an elite athlete to attend AMET© Classes?

No the great thing about AMET© is that it can be used by anyone. From elite athletes, weekend warriors, mums, dads, executives, business owners and teenagers and everyone in between.

Are AMET© Classes Hard do I need to be a fitness freak to benefit?

AMET© classes are definitely not! You will not break a sweat and most of the AMET© class is performed lying on your back. If you want to relax and decrease stress or reduce pain AMET© is perfect!

Is this class spiritual and are there any spiritual undertones and themes presented throughout the AMET© class?

There are no spiritual themes or undertones presented during the AMET© class. Although each individual will have their own personal AMET experience. We won’t be painting flowers on your face or chanting. We just want you to feel good-without drugs!!

When can I experience AMET©?

For the first time, Joey is revealing this unique recovery system to the clients at the USP Training Facility on the Gold Coast at Miami on Wednesday 9th May at 6pm! Places are extremely limited with only 4 positions remaining. The investment to experience this mind-blowing technique is $87.

How many AMET ©Sessions do I need to obtain the full benefit?

The number of sessions varies from person to person. Most participants feel the mind blowing effects within 4-6 sessions. This ensures they know how to implement and control the process.

What do I need to bring to AMET© Class?

Loose fitting clothing. Yoga Mat, Towel, Open Mind, Water Bottle. 2 Pillows for extra comfort.

To reserve your AMET place click the paypal link here to register click here to contact us for more information.