Courtney Hancock World Class Tips for Elite Performance

Courtney has won a total of 25 Individual Events including 2 Iron Woman and 3 Surf Swim titles at The Australian Surf Life Saving Championships.

Courtney Hancock Coolangatta Gold 4 x Champion

Has won the Coolangatta Gold a record 4 Times.

Has won 3 Kellogg’s Nutri Grain Professional Iron Woman Series Titles

Was the first person in  Australian History of Australian Surf Sports to win the Triple crown of Elite Events (Australian and professional series titles plus the Coolangatta Gold), in the same calendar year.

1.Sport helps develop your character and makes you a better human-work ethic, discipline, confidence, resilience as well as communication interacting with coaches and people.

USP - Courtney Hancock - Side Bridges
USP Athlete Elite Iron Woman Courtney Hancock working on her trunk stabilisation with TRX Side Bridges

2. Set goals to know why you are doing what you are aiming for!

3. Get in the right environment and get the right people around you! Courtney recalled the story of moving from Sawtell to QLD to train with renowned surf coach Pat O’Keefe.

4. Always look to improve. Courtney recalled the story of how she learned to ski paddle by watching video footage of the best ski paddlers. Being self directed and motivated to learn new skills and overcome your weakness.

USP - Courtney Hancock - Ski paddling
Courtney Hancock Ski Paddling

5. Have a support network you can trust-physio, strength and conditioning coach, nutritionist, speed coach, FST Specialist, massage therapist etc.

USP - Courtney Hancock Push Ups
Free Weight Exercises are perfect for Woman-check out elite champion iron woman Courtney Hancock push + Weight vest Technique

6. Your real friends and partners will support and understand the sacrifices you make. Having to be disciplined with food and beverage consumption. The importance of training and recovery-in particular sleep- all of which can limit aspects of an athletes’ social life.

Courtney Hancock and Nick Buchanan training partners working hard and smart at USP Gymnasium!
Courtney Hancock and AFLW star Katie Brennan Training the house down at the USP Gymnasium off-season 2017

7. Get around the right people-Courtneys’ partner elite Cricketer Nick Buchanan understands the demands placed upon Courtney as he experiences those same demands himself.

Couples that train together stay together! Nick Buchanan and Courtney Hancock training together on Valentines Day in THE USP PIT Gymnasium.

8. Courtney began training in THE USP PIT Joey after the success her partner Nick Buchanan attained and was looking to gain the edge over her rivals. It paid off with Courtney going from 18th to 2nd in the Nutri Grain series after working with Joey and USP for 8 month!

USP - Courtney Hancock Win
Courtney Hancock Win

9. Nutrition is a massive component to Courtneys’ health, performance and success. Courtney subscribes largely to Joeys’ USP nutrition protocols (8 habits of elite nutrition programs). High Protein, lots of veggies and quality carbohydrate sources like sweet potato for most meals and our USP superfood protein bars for a snack during the day.

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10. Courtney realised that being a professional athlete won’t last forever and has developed great relationships with many of her sponsors and also qualifications in beauty therapy, fashion design and media and communications.

USP- Courtney Hancock - Bruce Lynton Charity Ball
Courtney Fashion Design Bruce Lynton Ball

11. Courtney recommends meeting people/sponsors especially those people that are involved with your club or organisation that have areas or careers that are of interest to you. You have common ground and generally those people are more than happy to help offer you guidance or advice.

USP - Courtney Hancock Car Sponsor
Courtney has developed great relationships with Bruce Lynton Luxury Cars and is an ambassador for their company

12. The Media can be challenging to deal with. Courtney spoke about the backlash after winning the Kelloggs Nutri grain series and the pressure placed upon her being the only sponsored female Nutri grain athlete as well the invasion into her private life. But said it’s all part of the life as a professional athletes and you can use it to fuel the fire and motivate you.

All the best,

Joey Hayes