Kurt Tippetts AFL Insights 

It was great to have USP athlete and AFL Superstar down at Strongman once again and fantastic to impart his AFL experience, knowledge and wisdom onto the tribe members! At the conclusion of the strongman session Kurt provided the following insights to the Strongman tribe members!

1. Pre-season training loads have totalled approx. 250km in total kilometres for the swans mid-fielders.

2. Average weekly distances covered during the pre-season are 25-30km per week and the majority of this is performed at high intensity with an average breakdown of 70% skill and games based fitness and 30% pure running conditioning.

3. Kurt training week includes heavy days on Monday Wednesday Friday which incorporate skill elements.

2-3 Strength Sessions per week.


Kurt Tippett’s Strength and Conditioning with USP has made him on of the best AFL Footballers in the country!

2 Altitude conditioning sessions per week.

2-3 Advanced touch “Skills sessions”

3 x Skill & Games based conditioning sessions exactly the same as what we do at strongman! (Monday and Friday, with Wednesday being pure running conditioning day)

4. Kurts food choices don’t change from pre-season to off-season the only thing that differs is the quantity of food-he eats less food in-season as the training load is not as high in season compared to the off-season!.  Kurt follows my nutritional guidelines. Click here for my 8 habits of elite nutritional programs.

Nutritional- Strategies for Ultimate Success

5. Recovery after games or training is some light active movements -walk, cycle, jog, stretches, Ice baths. The club also employs a chef to cook the swans players meals during full training days.

Sleep Pods

6. Kurt and the sydney swans players use recovery sleep pods at the club have begun to use normatec massage pants to reduce muscle tonicity and to accelerate recovery!

Norma Tec Recovery Massage Pants

7. After the Grand Final loss the swans players evaluated their performance and looked to improve on things they could control and then put the game to the back of their minds moving forward.

Kurt Tippett Grand Final Loss

8. Rather than studying one player on a team the swans are studying teams ball movement patterns, where and how they deliver their ball and where opposition teams gather their possessions from (hot spots on graphs).

Richmond kicking zones

9. When young AFL players are recruited to the swans they will be boarded out and stay with 3 other new players that in either their 1st, 2nd or 3rd year.

10. The swans culture is one of mateship and the players hang out with each other off the field. This is only natural since most players are from interstate and when you play footy at the club you immediately have 40 new mates.

Kurt Tippett and Buddy Franklin

11. Kurt is still in contact with some of his former teammates at Adelaide having played there for 6 years and developing strong friendships over that time frame. He is yet to play against the Adelaide crows since moving to Sydney but expects he will get booed and jeered and simply says “it’s all part of the game and makes it fun”

12. Kurt wished he had the opportunity to do some off-season training like strongman as a junior footballer as it could have made him better than what he currently is!

Stay strong,

Joey Hayes