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Attention Parents and
Serious Athletes:

My name is Joey Hayes, I’m one of Australia’s Leading and most successful Strength and Conditioning Specialists based on the Gold Coast. I’ve created one of the Most Effective Sport Specific Training Systems Ever Developed.

A Training System That Has Produced World Champions, Olympic Games and Commonwealth Medallists, AFL Sporting Grand Final Premiership Winners, Countless Junior athletes procured by Professional Sporting Teams and numerous athletes achieving  Life-Time Personal Bests!

If you Want to Run Faster, Jump Higher, Build Muscle, Hit Harder, Get Ripped and Ultimately become a Better Athlete this may be the Most Important Information You Ever Read.

USP - Joey and AFL Player

Courtney Hancock
4 x Coolangatta Gold Iron Woman Champion,
3 x Nutri Grain Iron Woman Series Champion,
2 x Australian Iron Woman Champion,
Iron X Champion 2020

Working with Joey has helped me achieve my dreams!

Every training session with Joey gives me the confidence and belief that I am moving closer to achieve my goals.

If you want a coach that is 100% committed, has a wealth of experience and knowledge of an athletes individual sporting needs but more importantly helps inspire belief and confidence in you to become the best athlete & person you can be.

I’d highly recommend Joey Hayes.

Matt Hodgson
Brisbane Bullets NBL, Australian Boomers Representative

Joey and I started working together two months before my first pre-season with Brisbane Bullets. During that time, Joey opened my eyes to training efficiency, proper nutrition, and practical ways to improve my recovery habits.

My performance improved dramatically due to his methods, and I enjoyed the best season of my basketball career by far. Upon working with him for 12 weeks so far in the off-season, he has helped me to increase my muscle mass while simultaneously decreasing skin folds, improve my single-leg stability, strengthen my core, and improve my athletic performance on the basketball court even more.

Maybe even more important than all of the above is that he genuinely cares about his athletes. Joey is someone who I see not only as a long-term working partner, but also as a friend that will support me during the tough times as well. If you want to become a better athlete AND a more well-rounded person, then you can’t do any better than enlisting Joey Hayes.

I’m Going to Ask You Bluntly:

  • What would it be like to know you are the BEST PREPARED ATHLETE on the field?
  • What would it be like to Never Ever Lack Confidence Again?
  • How would it feel to finally Make That Representative Team you’ve been overlooked for?
  • Or Never be the Bench Warmer Again?
  • How about a Fully Paid Sporting Scholarship to the school of your choice?
  • Even, getting Picked Up By a Professional Team?
  • How good would it feel to finally get the Recognition AND Respect of your coach, rep selectors and your teammates?

What if gaining an UNFAIR ADVANTAGE was easier than you think?

Katie Brennan
Richmond Tigers AFLW Captain

My time in the USP PIT Gymnasium turned dreams into reality. The time I spent in the USP PIT Gymnasium coached by Joey and surrounded by likeminded athletes created the foundations of the footballer, and person I am today. I learnt so much about the key pillars of high performance and developed more strength, power and confidence in my ability then ever before.

The atmosphere at the USP PIT Gymnasium is like no other and cannot be replicated anywhere else in the world. Joeys knowledge and wisdom is infectious and he is a true leader in his field. No matter if you are currently the best in your sport, you are injured or you are looking to make a team – he will make you better and get you where you want to be. I can’t thank Joey enough for the lessons I leaned and the experiences I had in the USP PIT Gymnasium and carry with me to this day.

Trav Coleman
Australian Triathlon Representative

I think growth is the best way to describe training with Joey. All areas in your sport, in your personal life, in your mindset.

Having someone fully commit to you is quite empowering. Whatever I bring, he’s going to dive into, and assess and help me improve on. Been here almost 3 years, he’s more committed to me than I am.

If you’re reading this, it’s because You’re Serious About Becoming an Exceptional Athlete that Leads both on AND off the Sporting arena.

If You’re Ready to Learn My Closely Guarded Secrets to Developing Superhuman Strength, Lung Busting Endurance, Lightening Speed, Blistering Acceleration, Unstoppable Agility and Massive Amounts of Functional High Performance Muscle, Read On!

I Guarantee that I’ll Help You Reach Your Goals Quicker Than Anybody Else or I’ll Refund Your Money Back.

How Can I Make Such a Bold Claim?

Easy…I Have a Proven Track Record of Success Producing World Class Results with Hundreds of Athletes for More Than A Decade.

It’s the reason I’ve been featured in magazines such as Muscle Mag and Alpha Magazine.

I’ve produced 12 DVD’s and 5 Best Selling Manuals on Elite Strength and Conditioning for Athletes that have been sold all over the world!

Nick Buchanan
Tasmania Tigers Cricketer, Brisbane Heat

Joey is a coach yes, but he’s more than that, he’s a friend, he treats you like his own family you know Joeys’ going to do absolutely anything for you.

The hope and belief that he instils in you makes you feel like you could run through a brick wall!

These Results Have Not Come By Chance, They Have Been Achieved Through Applying the Most Cutting Edge Training Methods and Providing Superior Strength and Conditioning Programs, That Have Resulted in Bigger, Faster, Stronger, Bullet Proof and More Dominant Athletes!

Your Secret Weapon to Dominate

The methods and techniques I use have not come from a 2-day PT Course, weekend workshop, a few books or something I saw on the internet like most other “coaches”.

Its the accumulation of 8 Years University Study, more than 2 Decades of Hands On Real World In The Trenches Coaching Experience, Combined with a Plethora of National and International Travel Consulting with the Best Coaches with a Proven Track Record of Success.

This has allowed me to Perfect and Refine the Most Comprehensive and In Depth Sports Performance Training Program In The World Today!

Imogen Evans
Collingwood AFLW Club

Joey has your best interest at heart always! It’s at the top of his priority list. He can get you to places that no other coach can and there is no reason for me to ever stop working with Joey because he’s that good and he gets results and he cares about you as a person and not just as an athlete!

A Sports Training System that's Guaranteed & Proven to:

  • Build Slabs of Functional High Performance Muscle
  • Rapidly Improve Sports Performance
  • Lose Body Fat and Get SHREDDED
  • Improve Your Speed
  • Make Rapid, Phenomenal Strength Gains
  • Develop Explosive Power-Jump Higher, Hit Harder!
  • Increase Your Energy and Endurance Levels
  • Enhance Your Confidence
  • Learn the Secrets of High Performance Nutrition (Learn)
  • (Sculpt) the Chiselled, Athletic Physique of a Present Day Warrior
  • Boost Your Chances of Making the Team or Getting a Scholarship
  • Ace the 20m Sprint, Annihilate the Beep and Vertical Jump Test
  • Dominate Your Competition

Lachie Weller
Gold Coast Suns AFL Team,
All Stars Team 2020

If you want to get the best out of yourself and really get the edge over other athletes, I’d recommend Joey’s programs!

My Training Will Not Only Transform You
Physically But Will Also Build Relentless
Motivation and Mind Blowing Mental Toughness

In this Day and Age It’s Not Enough to simply Develop your Physical Qualities such as Speed and Endurance. YES they are Important and will Make You a Better Athlete….

BUT I Demand and Expect More! I Want to Develop Your Character As Well.

The Character Traits and Lessons Learnt Whilst Training to Become a Champion are Invaluable and Will Push You to the Top of Your Game Which will Serve you Extremely Well and Make You Successful for the Duration Of Your Life.

Your Character Will Develop Through Adversity as You Learn To Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable. Your New Found Mental Toughness Will Carry You Through the Challenging and Tough Times For The Rest Of Your Life.

So What Do I Mean By Developing Your Character.

Simply Put I Expect You To Exude:

  • Honesty
  • Accountability
  • Integrity
  • Discipline
  • Excellence
  • Work Ethic
  • Focus
  • Leadership
  • Commitment

Mason Woods
St Kilda AFL Club

I spent a significant period off my off-season training with Joey at USP in THE PIT. The USP private gym and revolutionary training methods coupled with the fact only serious athletes train here makes THE PIT an ideal training environment for athletes seeking to be the best!

The coaches, programs and equipment are on par with what I have experienced at the elite level. 

If you’re serious about taking your performance to the next level I’d highly recommend training at USP.

These Attributes are Scarce Amongst Society Today, and You Will Learn Them While Training With Me.

These Qualities are Crucial To Your Results in Sports AND Life, and I Aim to Help You Develop ALL of These Areas.

As An Athlete of USP You Become Part of An Extended Family.

There’s a Sense of Camaraderie and Competition that Creates an Extremely Motivational Environment, Inspiring Atmosphere, and an Indescribable Training Experience, Unlike Anything You’ll Find in any Normal, Regular, Boring Commercial Gym!

James Hocking
World Ranked Equestrian Vaulter

Joey is concerned about you as a human. .I like that approach. .it’s authentic.

He just brings a great amount of resource and I hope that somehow somewhere I can repay that in the future. I find that very important. He’s committed 100% and he’s a man of his word!

I’d recommend him for all athletes that want the best out of their performance!

By Training with me you will:

  • Developing Lung Busting Endurance
  • Super Human Strength from Head to Toe!
  • Develop Lightening Speed, Blistering Acceleration and Unstoppable Agility!
  • Keep Injury and Pain Free, Rehabilitate Old Injuries and Stay Healthy for a Life Time!
  • Produce a Resilient, Bullet Proof, Flexible Body!
  • Become a Bigger Powerful Dominant Intimidating Mentally Tough Athlete!
  • Overcome your Physical and Mental Weaknesses
  • Enhance Precise Sporting Skills
  • Turn your Body Into a Lethal Tackling Machine Regardless of your Size, Height or Weight!


Kurt Tippett
Sydney Swans AFL Superstar

I have trained in ‘THE PIT’ with Joey for 14 years. In this time he helped me become BIGGER FASTER and STRONGER!

Joey’s workouts and intense approach to training is like no other. Training hard in ‘THE PIT’ has helped me achieve my goal of getting drafted to an AFL club. 

I would recommend Joey to anyone who is looking to get the edge over his or her opponent!

Beware of the Imitators!

Many Coaches and Parents Try to Copy What I Do But None of them Can Duplicate The Results.

Often Athletes Attempt to Train on Their Own Yet They Have NO Direction and Are Merely Guessing What Should Be Done. Most Athletes Are Actually Detraining Themselves, Making Themselves Slower, Weaker and Increasing their Risk of Injury.

When You Train With Me, There Are NO mistakes.

My Training Methods Are Proven and the Results Speak For Themselves!

Joel Tippett
North Melbourne AFL Club

I began training with Joey 12 years ago, and in that time I have seen significant changes in both my physical and mental being.

Training in ‘THE PIT’ and Joeys programs has enabled me to gain the strength and size I needed in order to perform at the highest level.

This ultimately helped me achieve my goal of getting drafted. Therefore I’d highly recommend Joey to any aspiring athlete!

You MUST Do Something Different!

As an Athlete YOU MUST Be Proactive and Do Everything You Can To Get The Advantage Over your Competitors. Especially If You Want To Truly Stand Out and Set Yourself Apart From The Pack.

Your Competitors are Already Attending their Sport Club Training, Rep Team Training, High School Sports Excellence Programs and Enrolling in Sports Performance Clinics and Camps.

If You’re Doing the Same As your Team Mates and Competitors How Do You Expect to Separate Yourself From The Crowd?

You Won’t and You Can’t! At Best You’ll Be the Same As Your Competition.

In Order To Be The Best, You Must Train With The Best!

Sam Michael
Essendon AFL Club

After being delisted by the Brisbane Lions in 2014 and being denied of another AFL opportunity I signed on with the Redland Bombers to play in the 2015 NEAFL season. I finished the 2nd half of 2015 with solid form however I knew that I needed to find an edge if I wanted to take my football to another level and realise my dream of playing at the elite level once again.

I found that edge with Joey Hayes after being introduced by another USP athlete Callum Carsledine. Joey’s training methods were unique and highly tailored to enhance my physical performance. Not only did Joey make me a better athlete, but he also gave me the confidence I needed to truly believe that I was physically and mentally ready for any AFL opportunity that came my way.

Sure enough after 3 months of training in the Pit, my opportunity came with the Essendon Football Club.

Never have I found a Coach who has been so passionate in helping athletes achieve their dreams as Joey Hayes – his track record speaks for itself!


I'm Very Selective of Who I Let in the Program &
I Do Not Accept Every Athlete Into My Program!

I ONLY Accept the Most Dedicated, Committed and Disciplined Hardest Working Athletes That Have a Relentless Passion To Become The Best They Can Be In All Aspects of their Life Both On and Off The Field!

After all, You’re Going To Be a Walking Talking Billboards For My Business. And if you’ re a Lazy, Whining Sook, How’s That Going Make Me Look When You Get Zero Results and Tell People You Train With Me?

But, I’m Not An Elite Athlete…Is This Program For Me?

Don’t Be Fooled Into Thinking I Only Coach Elite Athletes. I’m Only Interested in Coaching Athletes That Have the Deep Seated Burning Desire To Become their Absolute Best.

I Won’t Coach You If You’re Already A Self Proclaimed Sporting Superstar and Think You’re Too Good For Extra Training.

I Don’t Have the Time or Energy To Waste on People that are Satisfied With Average Efforts and Average Results. I Respect That You or Your Parents Are Investing Money to Train With Me and That’s Something I Take Very Seriously!

In Other Words: “I Know That No Matter How Much Talent I Have I Still Need To Work Harder Than Everyone Else I Realise I Have To Maximise My Ability Every Day To Get Bigger Stronger Faster Smarter and When the Time Comes To Compete, No One Will Be More Prepared to Succeed Than I am”

Brayden Crossley
Gold Coast Suns AFL Player

Since training with Joey, my professionalism has gone to another level!

I decreased my body fat by 8kgs in 12 weeks, which culminated in my All Australian Selection.

Joeys training programs and nutrition protocols have allowed me to get healthy, accelerate my recovery, be pain free and in the best shape of my career! 

I would recommend Joey to any athlete that wants to take their performance to another level!

All You Need To Do Is Provide The Commitment, Discipline, Conviction, Dedication, Drive and Consistency, I Will Provide The Results!

I’ve NEVER Failed Transforming Ordinary Athletes into Extraordinary Fast, Strong, Explosively Powerful Athletes That Dictate the Ebb and Flow of Competition So They Are Victorious!

I Deliver 100% on My Promise Every Time-I Stand By My Word and Guarantee My Work!

It’s Called Having Honesty & Integrity, and Doing What You Say You’re Going To Do!

If You’re Ready to Step Up, Dominate Your Competition and Take Your Training and Game to the Next Level and Experience the Most Incredible Gains of your Life Don’t Waste Another Second as Training Positions in our Program are Extremely Limited! Contact Us to Apply for an Interview Today.

You Have Nothing to Lose and Everything to Gain!

Committed to your success,

See you in THE PIT…….maybe.

Joey Hayes

Strength & Conditioning Specialist

CEO – USP Ultimate Sports Performance

P.S. This is a Rare Chance to Acquire this Powerful Information and Techniques to Transform Yourself Into a Physically, Dominant, Explosive Athlete that Dictates the Ebb and Flow of Competition So You Are Victorious. Call (61 43 58 54 50 58) or email today!

100% Money Back Guarantee

Myself and our USP Coaches Guarantee their work and Results-If you do not receive the expected results and have followed the program and advice, we will Refund 100% of Your Money Back! Results are Guaranteed. Our results have been proven time and again, year after year after year, since we began in 2001.

To Be the Best, You Must Train with the Best!

Serious Enquiries Only!

USP Ultimate Sports Performance serves the following towns with sport specific training, speed and agility training and strength & conditioning services: Queensland, Gold Coast, Mermaid Beach, Burleigh Heads, Robina, Varsity Lakes, Robina, Palm Beach, Southport, Nobby Beach, Pacific Pines, Coomera, Parkwood, Reedy Creek, Highland Park, Bundall, Labrador, Ormeau, Coolangatta, Nerang, Mudgeeraba, Tallebudgera, Helensvale, Surfers Paradise, Main Beach, Runaway Bay, Gilston.