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Attention Coaches & Athletes: Is your Training Working?

How Effective Are Your Training Programs?

Here’s How to Guarantee Your Athletes Improve
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Attention Coaches, Teachers and Serious Athletes:

My name is Joey Hayes, I’m one of Australia’s Leading and most successful Strength and Conditioning Specialists based on the Gold Coast. I’ve created one of the Most Effective Sport Specific Training Systems ever developed.

A Training System That Has Produced World Champions, Olympic Games and Commonwealth Medallists, AFL Sporting Grand Final Premiership Winners, Countless Junior athletes procured by Professional Sporting Teams and numerous athletes achieving  Life-Time Personal Bests!

I’m Going to Let You In On a Dirty Little Secret… That’s Often Overlooked By Coaches and Athletes and Is a Key Reason I’ve Produced Phenomenal Results with Every Athlete I Work With.

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Courtney Hancock
4 x Coolangatta Gold Iron Woman Champion,
3 x Nutri Grain Iron Woman Series Champion,
2 x Australian Iron Woman Champion,
Iron X Champion 2020

Working with Joey has helped me achieve my dreams!

Every training session with Joey gives me the confidence and belief that I am moving closer to achieve my goals.

If you want a coach that is 100% committed, has a wealth of experience and knowledge of an athletes individual sporting needs but more importantly helps inspire belief and confidence in you to become the best athlete & person you can be.

I’d highly recommend Joey Hayes.

Matt Hodgson
Brisbane Bullets NBL, Australian Boomers Representative

Joey and I started working together two months before my first pre-season with Brisbane Bullets. During that time, Joey opened my eyes to training efficiency, proper nutrition, and practical ways to improve my recovery habits.

My performance improved dramatically due to his methods, and I enjoyed the best season of my basketball career by far. Upon working with him for 12 weeks so far in the off-season, he has helped me to increase my muscle mass while simultaneously decreasing skin folds, improve my single-leg stability, strengthen my core, and improve my athletic performance on the basketball court even more.

Maybe even more important than all of the above is that he genuinely cares about his athletes. Joey is someone who I see not only as a long-term working partner, but also as a friend that will support me during the tough times as well. If you want to become a better athlete AND a more well-rounded person, then you can’t do any better than enlisting Joey Hayes.

Often the hard part is getting access to the expensive, specialised, accurate testing equipment. Our USP Athletes have access to the latest Physical Assessment and Performance Testing from VALD including:

To purchase the VALD Testing Equipment Package would cost $1,000s of dollars, but the data VALD Testing Equipment provides athletes and coaches is priceless! And is one of the key reasons behind the results and success of our USP training programs! 

If It’s Not Accurate, It’s Not Relevant!

Ultimate Sports Performance - Imogen, Sports Performance Testing
Ultimate Sports Performance - Imogen, Sports Performance Testing

Physical Assessment and Performance Testing

If You Want To Run Faster, Jump Higher, Build Muscle, Hit Harder, Get Ripped, Reduce Injuries and Ultimately Become a Better More Successful Athlete or Team This May Be the Most Important Information You Ever Read.

Katie Brennan
Richmond Tigers AFLW Captain

My time in the USP PIT Gymnasium turned dreams into reality. The time I spent in the USP PIT Gymnasium coached by Joey and surrounded by likeminded athletes created the foundations of the footballer, and person I am today. I learnt so much about the key pillars of high performance and developed more strength, power and confidence in my ability then ever before.

The atmosphere at the USP PIT Gymnasium is like no other and cannot be replicated anywhere else in the world. Joeys knowledge and wisdom is infectious and he is a true leader in his field. No matter if you are currently the best in your sport, you are injured or you are looking to make a team – he will make you better and get you where you want to be. I can’t thank Joey enough for the lessons I leaned and the experiences I had in the USP PIT Gymnasium and carry with me to this day.

I’m Going to Ask You Bluntly:

  • Imagine if you could instantly see How Effective your Training Program was?
  • Or if you could immediately Identify the Physical Limitations that Inhibit your athletic Performance?
  • What would it be like to Never have to Second Guess your Training Program Choices and decisions ever Again?
  • What if conducting the Performance Assessment and Physical Testing and Interpreting test Results Like an Expert was Easier than you think?
  • Often the hard part is Getting Access to the Expensive, Specialised, Accurate Testing Equipment. Accurate Speed Testing Light Gates alone cost approx $10,000. If It’s Not Accurate It’s Not Relevant!

Not to mention Figuring Out The Relevant Sport Specific Physical Performance Tests to perform. If It’s Not Specific To The Sport It’s Not Valid!

Then Analysing That Information to Construct a Training Program and Make the Correct Training Decisions.

Imogen Evans
Collingwood AFLW Club

Joey has your best interest at heart always! It’s at the top of his priority list. He can get you to places that no other coach can and there is no reason for me to ever stop working with Joey because he’s that good and he gets results and he cares about you as a person and not just as an athlete!

Lachie Weller
Gold Coast Suns AFL Team,
All Stars Team 2020

If you want to get the best out of yourself and really get the edge over other athletes, I’d recommend Joey’s programs!

Introducing Your Secret Weapon to Dominate


8 Years University Study, More than Two Decades of Hands On Real World In The Trenches Coaching Experience, Combined with a Plethora of National and International Travel Consulting with the Best Coaches With a Proven Track Record Of Success.

Has Allowed Me to Perfect one of the Most Comprehensive and In Depth Sports Performance Testing Packages Available today!

If You Want Your Team and Athletes to be Successful, you Must Test and Assess Them!

Unless You’re Assessing, You’re Only Guessing!

It’s as SIMPLE as that!

Mason Woods
St Kilda AFL Club

I spent a significant period off my off-season training with Joey at USP in THE PIT. The USP private gym and revolutionary training methods coupled with the fact only serious athletes train here makes THE PIT an ideal training environment for athletes seeking to be the best!

The coaches, programs and equipment are on par with what I have experienced at the elite level. 

If you’re serious about taking your performance to the next level I’d highly recommend training at USP.

7 Reasons Why You MUST Perform Physical Assessments and Performance Testing!

Sports Performance Testing for Athletes Will Allow You to:

  1. See the Success of Your Training Program.
  2. Determine What Weaknesses And Deficiencies an Athlete Has.
  3. Individualise the Training Process for Remarkable Results.
  4. To Provide the Athlete Feedback Specific Areas They Need Improvement On.
  5. Help Identify Where Poor Range Of Motion May Cause Injuries.
  6. Help Monitor Rehab From Injuries by Having Pre-Injury Data.
  7. Help Enhance Sports Performance Through Specific Training.
USP - Assessment and performance testing

Kurt Tippett
Sydney Swans AFL Superstar

I have trained in ‘THE PIT’ with Joey for 14 years. In this time he helped me become BIGGER FASTER and STRONGER!

Joey’s workouts and intense approach to training is like no other. Training hard in ‘THE PIT’ has helped me achieve my goal of getting drafted to an AFL club. 

I would recommend Joey to anyone who is looking to get the edge over his or her opponent!

Why You Need An Expert?

Many Coaches and parents try to copy or conduct and perform their own testing and assessments, but none of them can Duplicate The Results.

This is Because the Tests They Perform Aren’t Relevant To the Sport Nor their tests Accurate, Valid or Reliable due to changed testing conditions they haven’t accounted for or taken into account.

Often Coaches Conduct the Testing But They Have NO Direction and are merely Guessing What Testing Should Be Done. Most Testing Is Actually Useless and actually Increases their Risk of Injury and Does Not Predict Performance.

Click Here to Read Why Your Sports Performance Testing Does Not Predict Sports Performance!

When We Conduct Your Performance Testing, There Are NO Mistakes.

My Testing and Assessment Methods Have Been Proven and the Results Speak For Themselves! To Cut Thru The Confusion Regarding Physical Assessment and Performance Testing I’ve Produced a Best Selling DVD on Physical Assessment and Performance Testing for Athletes that’s been Sold World Wide!

James Hocking
World Ranked Equestrian Vaulter

Joey is concerned about you as a human. .I like that approach. .it’s authentic.

He just brings a great amount of resource and I hope that somehow somewhere I can repay that in the future. I find that very important. He’s committed 100% and he’s a man of his word!

I’d recommend him for all athletes that want the best out of their performance!

Trav Coleman
Australian Triathlon Representative

I think growth is the best way to describe training with Joey. All areas in your sport, in your personal life, in your mindset.

Having someone fully commit to you is quite empowering. Whatever I bring, he’s going to dive into, and assess and help me improve on. Been here almost 3 years, he’s more committed to me than I am.

So What Testing Options are Available for Schools, Teams, Clubs and Individuals?

1. Physical Performance Tests and Physiological Data Testing.

Includes a Wide Array of Sport Specific Speed, Agility, Power, Strength, Structural Balance, Endurance and Anthropometric Assessments. These Tests allow you to see how effective and successful your training is as well as what deficiencies you have or key areas you need improvement in.

2. Musculoskeletal, Functional Movement and Long Term Athlete Development Competency Testing.

Includes Functional Movements, Physiotherapist Tests and Postural Assessments to Help Identify Where Poor Range of Motion around a Muscle or Joint or Specific Muscle Weakness May Cause Injuries or Decreased Sports Performance.

3. Functional Medicine and Nutrient Profiling Testing.

Functional Medicine Tests provide you with an overview of the athletes internal systems such as the Endocrine System-Hormone Profile, Immune System, Digestive System and Toxicity which can be impede athletic performance.

Nutrient Testing can allow us to see what the athlete is allergic to and or deficient in. This allows us to provide an individualised supplement and nutrition program tailored to the athletes’ specific needs.

4. Skill Based and Biomechanics Testing and Assessment.

Includes Testing and Biomechanical Analysis for Your Sport Specific Skills 
Such as Kicking, Handballing, Marking, Tackling, Throwing, Passing, Running, Swimming, Jumping, Hitting etc. These Tests provide you with valuable highly specific quantifiable feedback to ascertain precisely where the sports specific skill is breaking down or if you have improved your ability to perform your sport specific skills.

Click Here for More Information on The Benefits and Details of Each Specific Type of Test.

Nick Buchanan
Tasmania Tigers Cricketer, Brisbane Heat

On the advice of my physio Victor Popov, I started working with Joey in May 2016 after failing to play a single cricket game with the QLD Bulls Cricket team in the previous 5 years due to chronic injuries to my back, shoulder, hip, Achilles, knee, groin, hamstring and elbow. Through Joey’s world class program he was able to rehabilitate my body and mind to allow me to play 15 games which culminated in selection for the Brisbane heat cricket team in December 2016 and a subsequent contract with the Tasmanian Cricket in August 2017. Joey’s programs and attention to detail are what separates the good from the great! And from my experience exceed anything I ever received at the professional clubs I played for.

By Conducting Physical Performance Testing You Will Learn to:

  1. Identify the Physical Limitations that Inhibit Athletic Performance!
  2. Ultimately Evaluate the Effectiveness Of Your Training Program!
  3. Interpret Test Results Like an Expert to Individualise the Training Process For Phenomenal Results!
  4. Implement the Actual Tests that Predict On Field Performance!
  5. Incorporate the 2 Vital Concepts Paramount To Successful Testing!
  6. Conduct the Essential Tests to Dramatically Decrease Injuries
  7. Implement the 3 Key Forms of Assessment You Must Perform to Expose Your Athletes Weaknesses.

Plus lots more…

USP - Assessment and performance testing

Dayne Beams
Collingwood AFL Premiership Player 2010

Since I was a youngster I always dreamed of playing AFL footy at the highest level. To play at the elite level, I knew I’d have to get Bigger Faster & Stronger!

That is when I sought the guidance and expertise and wisdom of Joey Hayes. I’d seen and heard about the amazing results he’d produced with previous AFL footballers, so I gave him a call.

This would have been one of the smartest things I’ve ever done! I was blown away by the results! Within 3 weeks he increased my vertical jump by 29cm, my speed, agility and explosive power went through the roof! To say he has mastered the art of strength and conditioning and fine tuning football performance would be an understatement!

If you are fair dinkum about having a crack at playing top level sport I’d highly recommend seeking the services/training with Joey Hayes at THE PIT. The only regret I had was not training with him sooner! Do yourself a favor get into his program – You won’t regret it!

USP - Dayne Beams at USP

If You Want To:

  • Get the Edge Over Your Competition
  • Take the Guess Work Out Of Your Performance Testing and Assessment
  • Raise Your Standards of Professionalism
  • Be More Confident In Your Testing So You Can Provide Specific and Individualised Training
  • Allow You or Your Athletes To Reach Their Full Sporting Potential
  • Ultimately Have a More Successful Year With Enhanced Performance More Wins and Less Injuries
USP - Assessment and performance testing

Contact Us to Arrange for your Personal, School or Club Sports Performance Testing and Physical Assessment Battery.

You Have Nothing to Lose and Everything To Gain… Call Now!

Committed to your success,

Joey Hayes

Strength & Conditioning Specialist

CEO – Ultimate Sports Performance

P.S. If you coach a team or athletes are under your supervision, care and guidance, they deserve to know that you’re training is working! If they are putting in the hard work they deserve results. If you can’t show them the results from your training, they are less inclined to buy into the training process nor do your training, so it pays to have them tested, measured and assessed!

P.S.S. Due To The Large Number Of Teams That Require Testing We Can Only Cater to a Few Select Teams at Any One Time. As a Result This Service is Usually Booked Up Months In Advance! Athletes, Coaches, Teams, Clubs and Schools that are Successful Organise and Arrange their Performance Testing and Assessment Early so they can Develop their Program to Accelerate Progress.

To Ensure You, Your Team, School or Club Can Access Elite Sports Performance Testing, Don’t Waste Another Second. Call NOW to arrange your Sports Performance Testing Today!

Serious Enquiries Only!

Joey Hayes and Ultimate Sports Performance Strength & Conditioning serves the following towns with sport specific training, speed and agility training and strength & conditioning services: Queensland, Gold Coast, Mermaid Beach, Burleigh Heads, Robina, Varsity Lakes, Robina, Palm Beach, Southport, Nobby Beach, Pacific Pines, Coomera, Parkwood, Reedy Creek, Highland Park, Bundall, Labrador, Ormeau, Coolangatta, Nerang, Mudgeeraba, Tallebudgera, Helensvale, Surfers Paradise, Main Beach, Runaway Bay, Gilston.