Human Performance Toolbox Seminar

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1. You Don’t Know What To Do.
2. You Don’t Know How To Do It.
3. You Don’t Actually Want To Do It.

There is however One Proven Way to make sure this Does Not Happen to you or your Business

 It’s so simple, yet most people are Too Egotistical or Too Cheap to ensure they Succeed.

 It’s Called Standing On The Shoulders Of Giants!

Finding people that have Elite Skills and Mastery in specific areas that You Don’t.

So you can use their Skills & Knowledge to Fast Track Your Results & Ultimately Your Success. Why is this the case?

      – It is the most efficient way to succeed.

      – Ensuring you don’t have to make the same mistakes they did. (don’t have to figure it out because they already have)

 You can either learn the mistake on your own (the old, time consuming way) or you can learn it from others (the new, time effective way).

The Single Biggest Problem In The Health Performance & Fitness Industry is that everyone thinks they know everything. This line of thinking is a massive mistake because…

      – If you did actually know everything, why haven’t you got a line-up of clients beating down your door begging to use your service?

      – If you did know everything, why don’t all of your clients get amazing results?

Obviously there is a disconnect between what you know and what you do and the results you produce.

The best part is, that is completely okay. You are human!

It takes courage to admit that you don’t know everything.

It takes humility to listen to someone else aka an expert in the industry.

The real question is… Are you Humble Enough to Succeed?

If you want to be a better more valuable, in demand and higher paid coach or practitioner:

You need to produce better results.

The question is how do you do that?

You need to have a bigger Toolbox.

 A Toolbox of methods, techniques and strategies to help you and your clients achieve the outcomes they desire.

The more tools you have in your toolbox as a practitioner, the more valuable you are to your clients.

The world’s greatest strength coach Charles Poliquin used to say to me, “You are paid according to how many people can do what you can do and how bigger problems you can solve.”

That’s why I developed
The Ultimate Human Performance Toolbox Seminar

My name is Joey Hayes and I’m the owner of Ultimate Sports Performance and for the past 25 years I have scoured the earth for experts in every field related to human performance:

  • Sports Performance Enhancement
  • Injury Rehabilitation
  • Sport Psychology & Mental Skills
  • Functional Medicine
  • Advanced Nutrition and Supplementation
  • Business Mastery

To build the Ultimate Training System for my athletes.

A system that has produced some of the country’s best and most successful household name athletes. 

Courtney Hancock

Matt Hodgson

Mason Woods

Touk Miller

Katie Brennan

Click this link if you want to see more pro athletes testimonials from pro to the aspiring pro.

What will you learn in the 3 Day Ultimate Human Performance Toolbox Seminar?

Day 1 – The Latest Cutting-Edge Techniques to Enhance:

Sport & Human Performance

  • Athletes Performance Profile
  • Sport Science Testing (Application of Force Plates, Velocity tools, Targeted Isometric assessments + more)
  • Bosch Movement Analysis (Aqua Bags and Chaos Balls)
  • Advanced Strength and Power Methods (Utilising chains, bands, weight releasers for athletes at any level)
  • Functional Medicine Assessment and Nutrition Profiling
  • Mind Performance Profiling
  • Breath Work Techniques for World Class Performance
  • The Latest Biohacking Techniques that actually work and enhance athletes Performance Instantly (see to believe)

July 12th Day 1 Performance Mastery

8.30am-10am: USP Athletes Performance Profile Overview 32 Key Element for Holistic Performance & Program Design – Joey Hayes
10.30am-12pm: VALD Performance Testing & Assessment to identify strengths weaknesses, injury prevention & Rehab Data – Sascha Birge (Live Practical)
12.30pm-1.30pm:  Catered Lunch Break 
1.30pm-3pm: Integration of Frans Bosch Movement Systems. Movement assessment, integration, and application for Speed development & Injury Prevention. How to implement Aqua Bags and chaos balls into your training –Jackson Silvester Lee (Live Practical)
3.30pm-5:00pm: Mental Skills Assessment for Elite Performance & Accelerated Rehab and Return to Play following Injury ) – Amon Woulfe (Live Practical & Assessments)
5:00pm-5.30pm: Breath Work Assessment & Techniques for World Class Performance -Roxy Liardet
5.30pm-7:00pm: Functional Medicine, Nutrition Assessment (Hormones, digestion, allergies) New Emerging Technologies & Biohacking Recovery Processes & Systems -Joey Hayes & Victor Popov
7:00pm-8:00pm: “How we put it all together.” Integration of USP Training System & Philosophy – Joey Hayes
8-8.30pm USP Dinner – Keynote Presentation “The Realities of Elite Sport” with World Champion Courtney Hancock

Day 2 – Revolutionary Business Strategies to Rapidly Increase Business Income:

  • How To Get Free Publicity & PR (for instant increased credibility and exposure)
  • How to hack social media to drive clients to your business
  • Maverick Marketing to stand out and be the only option for your clients in your area
  • How to sell without sounding like a used car salesman
  • The mindset for what it takes to really succeed in life and business
  • How to use AI for marketing, copywriting, sales, admin to dramatically save time and reduce labour costs and overheads.

Click the following hyperlinks for more Ultimate Sports Performance TV Appearances & USP PR Print Media

July 13th: Day 2 | Business Mastery

8:30am-9:00am: Business the USP Way – Joey Hayes
9:00am-10.30am: PR & Publicity for Free – Sean Lawson
10.30am-12.30pm: High Performance Business. Mindset, Marketing, Copywriting, Sales, Systems – Brendan Nichols
12.30pm-1.30pm: Catered Lunch
1.30pm-3pm: Social Media Mastery: How to use Social Media to attract new highly qualified & motivated clients – Jordi Taylor
3:00pm-4:00pm: How to Use AI for Health and Performance (How to use AI for marketing, copywriting, sales and admin to dramatically save time and reduce labour costs and overheads – Sam Hope (Earlibird AI)
4:00pm-5:00pm: Online Business Growth, Development and Monetization – Jordi Taylor
5:00pm-6.30pm: NLP Techniques for Mindset and Mental Skills from recruit to retiree – Roxy
6.30pm-8:00pm: USP Dinner – Keynote Presentation “Business of Elite Sport BTS” with AFL Superstar and Gold Coast Suns AFL Club Board Member Kurt Tippett.

Day 3 – Advanced Rehabilitation Methods to Eradicate Pain and Accelerate Injury Timelines:

  • Fascial Stretch Therapy
  • Trauma Release Exercise, Neural Engagement Therapy & Active Meditation Exercise Therapy
  • Body Tempering
  • Functional Neurology
  • Muscle Activation Testing & Applied Kinesiology
  • NKT (Neurokinetic Therapy) & PRI (Postural Restoration Institute)

July 14th: Day 3 | Rehab Mastery

8:30am-9:00am: Rehab Systems the USP Way – Joey Hayes
9:00am-10:30am: Neural Engagement & Functional Neurology for Pain Management, Modulation, Performance and Recovery-Victor Popov
11:00am-12:30pm: FST (Fascial Stretch Therapy), Life Stretch, FRA (Functional Range Assessment), FRC Functional Range Conditioning – Cat McNab
12:30pm-1.30pm: Catered Lunch
1:30pm-3:00pm: Body Tempering -Joey Hayes & Mobility and Gymnastics Based Rehab Model (FRC, FRA) – Serge Brazhnikov
3:30pm-4:30pm: NKT and PRI for Pain Management & Rehab for Sports Injuries-Marcus Baker
4:30pm-5:30pm – Return to Perform Models – Corey McDonald & Mental Skills Training for Accelerated Rehab – Amon Woulfe
6:00pm – Final USP Dinner Keynote Presentation “The Missing Link in Elite Sport” with Australian Basketball Rep Matty Hodgson!

Upon completion of the 3 Day Ultimate Human Performance Toolbox Seminar

You will learn:

  1. The Advanced Training Methods used to Train Olympic Medallists, World Record Holders and some of Australia’s Best Athletes.
    2. The Art of Designing World Class Training Programs for immediate results using our Revolutionary Multidisciplinary Integration Approach to enhance performance!
    3. Cutting Edge Nutrition and Supplementation Protocols for Dietary success covering fat loss, hypertrophy, digestion, brain function, cognitive performance, pain management and injury rehabilitation.
    4. The Secrets of Systemising your Business so you’ve got more time and freedom to do what you want!
    5. Remarkable Sales Techniques to Sell comfortably without sounding like a used car salesman.
    6. Maverick Marketing Strategies to ensure you have a list clients wanting to train and work with you and how to use traditional media to propagate your message.
    7. The Powerful Psychological Tools to overcome negativity, procrastination and laziness for yourself and clients that are vital for your long-term business success.
    8. Functional Neurology for performance enhancement and pain management.
    9. Neural Engagement Therapy for accelerated recovery, performance enhancement and pain management.
    10. Functional Medicine Assessment & Blood Chemistry Analysis for diagnosis of nutrient deficiencies & toxicities for elite health and human performance.
    11. Mind Blowing Myofascial Techniques like Body Tempering to alleviate pain, prevent injury and enhance performance.
    12. Groundbreaking Modalities including FST (Fascial Stretch Therapy), NKT (Neurokinetic Therapy), PRI (Postural Restoration Institute), Muscle Activation Testing (MAT) & The Superhuman Biohacking Protocol to take your results to another level!

Note: This seminar is hands on coaching in nature and whilst book smarts are fantastic, you must get under the bar and get practical coaching/ practitioner experience.


Who do you learn from?

I’ve always been a BIG believer in finding those who have achieved what you aspire to achieve and learning from them.
(It’s where the standing on the shoulders of giants analogy comes from, and you’ll find out more about these giants later on).
I’m always looking for the fastest but most efficient way to achieve these results and success! If someone already has a Blueprint for success, why not follow suit?
No need to reinvent the wheel to success if it is already available. You’ll end up wasting a lot of money and a lot of time. I have gone through many painful mistakes and I want you to avoid them at all costs – so you can begin your profitable, successful business from Day 1.
That’s precisely why I’ve assembled one of the most elite groups of expert lecturers and practitioners ever assembled in Australia. Look at their names, credentials and results!
Don’t worry, you’ve probably never heard of many of these people as they are not on social media or Instagram famous.
They derive their pleasure from getting real world results in the trenches with their clients – the results really do matter.
In fact, most would never do a seminar or presentation to the public, they are doing this as a favour to me and to you, as I know what they offer is world class especially considering what it has done for me and my athletes.
They are Rockstar’s amongst their clients and people in the know…
Whilst I have great knowledge in many areas, I’ve bought in actual Industry experts that taught me to share and pass on their knowledge directly to you!
My vision is to make anyone that undertakes The Ultimate Human Performance Toolbox Seminar – the best, most knowledgeable, successful, results driven, highest paid practitioners in the world! 
I challenge you to find any other seminar with an elite group of world class world renowned experts anywhere else… (You won’t – that’s my promise)
It’s taken me more than 6 years to get them all together in the one place, let alone the same continent.
Take a long hard look at these experts – you’ll have access to these mind-blowing people only during the Ultimate Human Performance Toolbox Seminar!
Who is the Seminar Not For?
If you are happy with your current status quo and always have an excuse about your lack of success, The Ultimate Human Performance Toolbox Seminar is NOT for you, plain and simple.
On the flip side, if you are hungry to pursue the life and business of your dreams and are willing to go the extra mile so you can achieve greater success, then this seminar will prove an incredibly small price for the enormous benefits.
Investment for the Seminar!
Before I tell you how much the seminar is, I want to ask you a question:
How much do you think you’d pay to access these experts individually?
It’s not cheap – trust me…
Do you think you’d even be able to get access to these people?
Heck no, they’re booked up for months in advance.
These are my go-to people when I need specific advice in any specialist area.
These people are some of my most trusted and respected advisors and colleagues. I’m delivering them to you on a platter right there for the taking, so you can pick their brains for an entire 3 days.
Now of course, the critical question: How Much Does It Cost?
Simple. There is NO “Cost” if you truly take action with what we teach you. It’s a small investment. If you view this as a cost, then your mind is in the wrong place. If ALL you do is gain one new client for a year and this will cover your tiny investment.
But, let me put my word behind The Ultimate Human Performance Toolbox Seminar. You will, if you only apply a fraction of what I reveal, earn back at least 10 times your investment. 
But, like I mentioned before. This program is ONLY for action takers, those who DO the work and those who walk the talk. Success will NOT fall onto your lap. Besides, we only have room for 30 dedicated students.
The Exclusive Ultimate Human Performance Toolbox Seminar is only going to be run once.
As I genuinely don’t think I’ll ever be able to get all these legendary presenters and practitioners in the same room ever again – in fact I know this to be true!
It’s taken me 6 years to get them all together in the same room, the same location and at the same time.
Honestly if you don’t attend this seminar, you will regret it.
I’ve been told by trainers that have undertaken my previous courses they would have paid double or triple the cost of the seminar as it was that powerful.
Because only 30 people will be accepted into the seminar, you will have TONNES of individual attention and ALL your questions will be answered.
When was the last time you have heard of a seminar with only 30 people allowed in? Can you imagine how much more powerful this will be for you without being “lost in the crowd”? The seminar will only be run once, if you don’t attend you’ll be left behind and may never get another chance to start living the dream!
No topic, question or conversation will be taboo during the seminar and you can expect my “No Holds Barred Approach to Training and Business” to be fully unleashed.
This weekend will also allow you to make connections and create a powerful network with other elite practitioners. This is one of the most powerful methods for increasing your success and I will reveal the Mastermind Principles you can use together with your newfound fellow colleagues to skyrocket success together like never before.
The most successful people in the world, regardless of their field, understand and know the infinite power of surrounding themselves with likeminded people and creating Mastermind Groups. Just wait until you begin to experience this incredibly powerful phenomenon!
There will only be a total of 29 others in attendance including yourself. Just imagine the individual attention you will get with such a small number of people spending this incredible certification with you!
There will be complete resources such as handouts, slides and notes detailing the entire seminar presentations.
It is here where you can share success strategies and learn powerful business, marketing, training information to skyrocket your business with other seminar attendees – this is priceless!
So Joey, tell me when and where this Mind Blowing Human performance Toolbox Seminar is happening?
The date has been set for July 12th-14th 2024 at our private high performance training facility. Please note the facility address is not located on google or our website. This is our private performance sanctuary where the countries most committed athletes train and most committed coaches coach. 
You’ll be one of a handful of select people that even know where the facility is. All I can tell you is that it is located somewhere in Mermaid Beach on the Gold Coast in QLD.
WARNING: Read VERY Carefully!
It’s going to take some SERIOUSLY hard work, lots of sweat and action – so let’s get this straight before we move any further:
If you are NOT willing to bust your backside and take massive action with everything we teach you, don’t expect to become a success.
If either of these investments sound “too much” for you then you’re right, they are TOO expensive. One of the BIGGEST factors to your success is your attitude and the value you attach to your education and knowledge. But, if you’re smart, you’ll realise that these are SMALL investments that will bring about a lifetime of income.
If all you do is gain one new client for 12 -months, then you will have covered your Ultimate Human Performance Toolbox Seminar Investment.
If you’re serious about changing your life and turning your passion into profit, Click HERE and get The Ultimate Human Performance Toolbox Seminar Registration.
To prequalify for Ultimate Human Performance Toolbox Seminar, you must be able to afford the course. You must be committed to attend the 3-day seminar, no cancellations or rescheduling is allowed. You must be following to undertake a phone call screening and interview to determine suitability and fit for our seminar. No negativity. I want people ready to transform their life, so bring your A-game with a kick ass mindset!
What’s the investment for The Ultimate Human Performance Toolbox Seminar?
The investment for the entire 3 Day Business and Life Changing Ultimate Human Performance Toolbox Seminar, is $3997 which is payable in full prior to attending the seminar. But as a BONUS for action takers! The Early Bird Special Paid before June 13th 2024 is $2997!
We’ve made it that easy for you to enrol in this life changing seminar, we’ve even got easy finance options available that allow you to complete the Ultimate Human Performance Toolbox Seminar for as little as 3 easy payments of $1497, a total $4491.
My guarantee to you….
I’m 100% dedicated to your success. I also guarantee it.
That’s right, I guarantee that after completing Ultimate Human Performance Toolbox Seminar that you will increase the results you get from your clients ten-fold, while making more money than ever before. If the Ultimate Human Performance Toolbox Seminar does not exceed your expectations, I’ll refund your money back no questions asked! The only thing I ask is that you show me that you have applied the information techniques and strategies that I have taught you. Have you ever heard of such a Bold Guarantee in the Human Performance Seminar Industry? I doubt it. Why? Because I KNOW what I teach works. I have done it myself. I talk from experience! No more dreaming of your perfect life and perfect business. I’m going to help you make it happen.
This is the Blueprint you want and need if you plan on becoming a World Class Practitioner and want to dominate the market. Now is the time to step up your game and begin your journey. Stop dancing around and holding yourself back. Seriously, it’s time to let go of your fear and take the leap towards excellence. You don’t need to be built like Arnold Schwarzenegger or as smart as Elon Musk to attend the seminar. All you need is a strong desire to want to help people and the ambition to create the business and lifestyle of your dreams!
You deserve it, and so do those you coach and treat.
Dedicated to your success,
Joey Hayes
Ex, Sci, B. Bus, CSCS, MASCA
0438 54 50 58

Call us immediately on 0438 54 50 58 to secure your position in the Ultimate Human performance Toolbox Seminar. I don’t know if or when I’ll be holding another Human Performance Toolbox Seminar again. With only 7 positions remaining there’s a strong chance they’ve already Sold Out….But Call NOW you never know your luck, there may still be a place for you!

P.S. This seminar has the potential to bring you ten times or much more than the cost. In fact, truth be told – what you will learn during the seminar is skills for a lifetime. You will learn advanced program design Secrets used by elite athletes, elite coaching methods and techniques, world class marketing and sales strategies to maximise your business and training results! How much is that worth to you? Or more importantly – how much is it worth to have the life and career of your dreams?

100% Money Back Guarantee

Myself and our USP Coaches Guarantee their work and Results-If you do not receive the expected results and have followed the program and advice, we will Refund 100% of Your Money Back! Results are Guaranteed. Our results have been proven time and again, year after year after year, since we began in 2001.
Health Pro’s: Can You Really Afford To MISS OUT On This Seminar?

Let’s talk about the overall value and what access to information you will learn over the 3 days.

Typically you’d have to attend over 17 different seminars, conferences and workshops.

That would typically mean 17 different flights.

That would typically mean 17 different locations around Australia or the world.

That would typically mean 17 different accommodation bookings.

That would typically mean 17 different times and dates away from your family, clients and business.

The Human Performance Toolbox Seminar will showcase 17 Revolutionary methods that we integrate at USP in only 3 days and 1 location.

You get to see what’s out there… but more importantly how we use these systems with our revolutionary interdisciplinary integration model.

We showcase all of the 17 methods in the 1 place saving you two of the most important assets:

1. Time
2. Money

And how we apply a multidisciplinary approach and integration at USP for the best results in the world!

Here are the 17:
1. VALD Sport Science Performance Testing Course and Equipment (VALD) $5000

2. FST (Fascial Stretch Therapy) $3500

3. Life Stretch Course (Ground Based FST Course) $300

4. Body Tempering Course (BTC) $3000

5. Functional Neurology Course (FN) $4200

6. Functional Medicine (IFM) $4000

7. Advanced Nutrition Assessment Course $2000

8. Biohacking Conference $2000

9. Trauma Release Exercise Course (TRE) $997

10. Neural Engagement Therapy Course (NET) $1997

11. Sound Healing Foundations Course ($2000)

12. Muscle Activation Technique & Applied Kinesiology (MAT) $5000

13. Public Relations, Publicity and Media Training Course (PR) $9997

14. Social Media & Online Digital Marketing Mastery (SMODM) $9997

15. Business Mastery Seminar (BM) $2997

16. Artificial Intelligence Seminar and Course (AI) $1997

17. Mental Skills, Mind Performance & Sport Psychology Profile Course (MPP) $4997

The total cost of all the 17 course = $87,881.

Then add in accommodation (5 day minimum and many of the seminars are a week long $400 per night) $2000 x 17 Seminars = $34,000

Plus food $100 per day = $8500

Plus a rental car $100 per day = $8500

Plus flights to the USA ($5k for economy seats) x 17 seminars and events = $85,000

The total price to attend all the seminars and events individually is well over $190,000+.

But, you can attend the Human Performance Toolbox Seminar for Less than $5,000 including food, flights, car hire and accommodation all on the beautiful Gold Coast.

Mark this date down in your calendar July 12th, 13th, 14th

You Do Not Want To Miss This Once in A Life Time Opportunity!

Click here to express your interest in the Human Performance Toolbox Seminar. Places limited and selling FAST!


1. Where will the seminar be held?

A: USP Private Training Facility located at Mermaid Beach on the Gold Coast.

2. What date is the seminar?

A: July 12th, 13th, 14th 2024.

3. What will the investment include?

A: All course materials, seminar attendance, Joey’s Private Chef Prepared Organic Breakfast, Organic Lunch and Organic Dinner.

4. Is there a payment plan available?

A: Yes, please contact us to arrange.