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Courtney Hancock
4 x Coolangatta Gold Iron Woman Champion,
3 x Nutri Grain Iron Woman Series Champion,
2 x Australian Iron Woman Champion,
Iron X Champion 2020, 
2 X Eckstein Classic Winner, 
2024 Summer of Surf Series Champion

Working with Joey has helped me achieve my dreams!

Every training session with Joey gives me the confidence and belief that I am moving closer to achieve my goals.

If you want a coach that is 100% committed, has a wealth of experience and knowledge of an athletes individual sporting needs but more importantly helps inspire belief and confidence in you to become the best athlete & person you can be.

I’d highly recommend Joey Hayes.

Matt Hodgson
Brisbane Bullets NBL, Australian Boomers Representative

Joey and I started working together two months before my first pre-season with Brisbane Bullets. During that time, Joey opened my eyes to training efficiency, proper nutrition, and practical ways to improve my recovery habits.

My performance improved dramatically due to his methods, and I enjoyed the best season of my basketball career by far. Upon working with him for 12 weeks so far in the off-season, he has helped me to increase my muscle mass while simultaneously decreasing skin folds, improve my single-leg stability, strengthen my core, and improve my athletic performance on the basketball court even more.

Maybe even more important than all of the above is that he genuinely cares about his athletes. Joey is someone who I see not only as a long-term working partner, but also as a friend that will support me during the tough times as well. If you want to become a better athlete AND a more well-rounded person, then you can’t do any better than enlisting Joey Hayes.

Katie Brennan
Richmond Tigers AFLW Captain

My time in the USP PIT Gymnasium turned dreams into reality. The time I spent in the USP PIT Gymnasium coached by Joey and surrounded by likeminded athletes created the foundations of the footballer, and person I am today. I learnt so much about the key pillars of high performance and developed more strength, power and confidence in my ability then ever before.

The atmosphere at the USP PIT Gymnasium is like no other and cannot be replicated anywhere else in the world. Joeys knowledge and wisdom is infectious and he is a true leader in his field. No matter if you are currently the best in your sport, you are injured or you are looking to make a team – he will make you better and get you where you want to be. I can’t thank Joey enough for the lessons I leaned and the experiences I had in the USP PIT Gymnasium and carry with me to this day.

Mason Woods
St Kilda AFL Club

I spent a significant period off my off-season training with Joey at USP in THE PIT. The USP private gym and revolutionary training methods coupled with the fact only serious athletes train here makes THE PIT an ideal training environment for athletes seeking to be the best!

The coaches, programs and equipment are on par with what I have experienced at the elite level. 

If you’re serious about taking your performance to the next level I’d highly recommend training at USP.

Touk Miller
Gold Coast Suns Captain

Dedication doesn’t have on off-season! You’re always going to be fighting demons during Joeys training sessions.. I love the atmosphere and energy Joey brings! He’s always got new techniques and exercises he’s picked up from travelling all over the world which keeps you excited. THE PIT reminds me of the Suns old facility The Shed. It’s a Sweat Dungeon…In summer. It’s Brutal…It’s the extra work you do in the off-season that gives you confidence in-season. As Joey says, it’s money in the bank for the season coming! I’d definitely recommend Joey and USP to anyone that wants to get the most out of their sporting career.

Trav Coleman Australian Triathlon Representative

I think growth is the best way to describe training with Joey. All areas in your sport, in your personal life, in your mindset. Having someone fully commit to you is quite empowering. Whatever I bring, he’s going to dive into, and assess and help me improve on. Been here almost 3 years, he’s more committed to me than I am.

Nick Buchanan
Tasmania Tigers Cricketer, Brisbane Heat

On the advice of my physio Victor Popov, I started working with Joey in May 2016 after failing to play a single cricket game with the QLD Bulls Cricket team in the previous 5 years due to chronic injuries to my back, shoulder, hip, Achilles, knee, groin, hamstring and elbow.

Through Joey’s world class program he was able to rehabilitate my body and mind to allow me to play 15 games which culminated in selection for the Brisbane heat cricket team in December 2016 and a subsequent contract with the Tasmanian Cricket in August 2017.

Joey’s programs and attention to detail are what separates the good from the great! And from my experience exceed anything I ever received at the professional clubs I played for.

Imogen Evans
Collingwood AFLW Club

Joey has your best interest at heart always! It’s at the top of his priority list. He can get you to places that no other coach can and there is no reason for me to ever stop working with Joey because he’s that good and he gets results and he cares about you as a person and not just as an athlete!

Lachie Weller
Gold Coast Suns AFL Team,
All Stars Team 2020

If you want to get the best out of yourself and really get the edge over other athletes, I’d recommend Joey’s programs!

James Hocking
World Ranked Equestrian Vaulter

Joey is concerned about you as a human. .I like that approach. .it’s authentic.

He just brings a great amount of resource and I hope that somehow somewhere I can repay that in the future. I find that very important. He’s committed 100% and he’s a man of his word!

I’d recommend him for all athletes that want the best out of their performance!

Kurt Tippett
Sydney Swans AFL Superstar

I have trained in ‘THE PIT’ with Joey for 14 years. In this time he helped me become BIGGER FASTER and STRONGER!

Joey’s workouts and intense approach to training is like no other. Training hard in ‘THE PIT’ has helped me achieve my goal of getting drafted to an AFL club. 

I would recommend Joey to anyone who is looking to get the edge over his or her opponent!

Damon Stephenson
Professional Golfer

Thanks to Joey-I am playing the best Golf I’ve ever played in my career! Joey has got me in the best physical and mental condition of my life! I’ve dropped 13 kilograms of body fat! Joey rehabbed my nagging, knee, elbow and back injury! I have increased my club head speed and power! My golf swing has improved due to increased flexibility. I’m winning tournaments-my confidence is at and all time. Joey is a legend, he leaves no stone unturned and nothing to chance. If you’re committed to excellence and want to get the most out of your sporting career. I’d definitely recommend Joey!

Jackson Axford
World Class Wakeboarder

He helped me come back from 2 major knee injuries in record time. I am now stronger and more resilient than ever.. but more importantly I’m wakeboarding better than ever which is perfect timing for the wakeboard world champs. I’d choose Joey over any other coach because of his meticulous preparation and holistic approach to elite physical preparation and mental performance. I will be training with Joey for the rest of my life! If you want to go to the next level like I did. Joey is your only option.


Jade Peacock 
University of Hawaii Basketball Scholarship Holder

I was hesitant to become a member of a gym as it can be quite intimidating for a young girl. And I was reluctant to perform any Strength & Conditioning training as I’d seen many of my friends and teammates get sore, slow, inflexible, injured or add excess muscle that negatively impacted their basketball performance. But I wanted to make sure I was physically prepared for any college scholarship opportunities and needed some strength training guidance and experience. I’d researched many strength and conditioning coaches and organisations but found Joey and liked what I read on his website, upon meeting with him he alleviated my concerns and said that I’d barely get sore, and he guaranteed that if I followed his advice, I wouldn’t get injured or experience decreases in performance like other girls that had trained with other s & c coaches. I’m glad I started training with Joey-I got instantly stronger, faster and more explosive and remained fresh and more importantly stayed healthy & injury free, but most importantly, my confidence on the basketball court skyrocketed. Suffice to say that I accepted a college scholarship and was extremely well prepared for the University of Hawaii College S and C program. I’d definitely recommend Joey and USP to other aspiring athletes. It’s a great environment everyone is super welcoming whether you’re a beginner or if you’ve been there for years. The genuine care and love he has for each athlete everyone is treated the same.

Annie Muir
Professional VFLW Player

After being overlooked in the AFLW draft. I wanted to give myself every opportunity to play in the AFLW. I’d seen the results Joey had produced and figured that was the best way to achieve my goals. Working with Joey was the best decision I have ever made. With Joeys AFL specific knowledge, we modified my nutrition plan and strength and conditioning program. The end result I became fitter, faster, stronger, leaner and more confident than ever before. After a body of work over the off-season I received a phone call from the recruiting scouts and was drafted to the Box Hill Hawks VFLW Team! If you’re serious and want to make your sporting dreams a reality. Joey can take you there!

Joel Tippett
North Melbourne AFL Club

I began training with Joey 12 years ago, and in that time I have seen significant changes in both my physical and mental being.

Training in ‘THE PIT’ and Joeys programs has enabled me to gain the strength and size I needed in order to perform at the highest level.

This ultimately helped me achieve my goal of getting drafted. Therefore I’d highly recommend Joey to any aspiring athlete!

Brayden Crossley
Gold Coast Suns AFL Player

Since training with Joey, my professionalism has gone to another level!

I decreased my body fat by 8kgs in 12 weeks, which culminated in my All Australian Selection.

Joeys training programs and nutrition protocols have allowed me to get healthy, accelerate my recovery, be pain free and in the best shape of my career! 

I would recommend Joey to any athlete that wants to take their performance to another level!

Callum Carseldine
2015 AFLQ Grogan Medal Winner,
League Best & Fairest

I want to specifically thank and give a shout to Joey Hayes who has guided me with my strength and conditioning the last 12 years!

He is one of the main reasons I’ve been able to improve as a footballer and come back strong from a few serious injuries (Knee Reconstructions and Shoulder Reconstructions)!

I’m looking forward to getting better in the years to come under his guidance!

Check out ‘Ultimate Sports Performance’ if you’re an athlete looking to get the best out of yourself physically and mentally! Appreciate all your help Joe!

Sam Michael
Essendon AFL Club

After being delisted by the Brisbane Lions in 2014 and being denied of another AFL opportunity I signed on with the Redland Bombers to play in the 2015 NEAFL season. I finished the 2nd half of 2015 with solid form however I knew that I needed to find an edge if I wanted to take my football to another level and realise my dream of playing at the elite level once again.

I found that edge with Joey Hayes after being introduced by another USP athlete Callum Carsledine. Joey’s training methods were unique and highly tailored to enhance my physical performance. Not only did Joey make me a better athlete, but he also gave me the confidence I needed to truly believe that I was physically and mentally ready for any AFL opportunity that came my way.

Sure enough after 3 months of training in the Pit, my opportunity came with the Essendon Football Club.

Never have I found a Coach who has been so passionate in helping athletes achieve their dreams as Joey Hayes – his track record speaks for itself!

Nathan Andrews
Gold Coast Suns Academy AFL Team

I wouldn’t be playing footy if it wasn’t for Joey. He helped me beat cancer!

Dayne Beams
Collingwood AFL Premiership Player 2010

Since I was a youngster I always dreamed of playing AFL footy at the highest level. To play at the elite level, I knew I’d have to get Bigger Faster & Stronger!

That is when I sought the guidance and expertise and wisdom of Joey Hayes. I’d seen and heard about the amazing results he’d produced with previous AFL footballers, so I gave him a call.

This would have been one of the smartest things I’ve ever done! I was blown away by the results! Within 3 weeks he increased my vertical jump by 29cm, my speed, agility and explosive power went through the roof! To say he has mastered the art of strength and conditioning and fine tuning football performance would be an understatement!

If you are fair dinkum about having a crack at playing top level sport I’d highly recommend seeking the services/training with Joey Hayes at THE PIT. The only regret I had was not training with him sooner! Do yourself a favor get into his program – You won’t regret it!

USP - Dayne Beams at USP

Sam Gilbert
National AFL Draft 2005 Pick 33 to St Kilda, NAB Rising Star Nominee 2007

When I missed out on the QLD State under 18 AFL team I was shattered. I thought I had lost my chance at playing professional AFL and my career was slipping away. That was, until I sought the services of Joey Hayes.

I heard Joey Hayes was the best at getting athletes into the best shape of their lives, both physically, spiritually, mentally and emotionally! I was skeptical at first, but my initial fears were unfounded.

After my first session in THE PIT I knew this was the right and only choice! And THE PIT would be my new best friend!

Joeys professionalism, enthusiasm, meticulous preparation and individual programming ensured I would be the fastest, strongest and mentally toughest athlete on the footy field.

If you want to reach your potential and be the best athlete you can possibly be, then you need to train with Joey!

Tay Zimmer
World Record Holder, Australian & Commonwealth Record Holder,
World Championship Medalist

Joey is the MAN! What he has helped me achieve personally, both in and out of the pool has been nothing short of astonishing!

Within 3 months training in THE PIT I got remarkably Stronger and Leaner! My start and kicks were the most Explosive they had been, my skinfolds were down and my hypoxics improved dramatically.

My new found strength, ultimately helped me become the Australian Backstroke Champion and Commonwealth Record Holder!

My continued improvements in the gym transferred to the pool where it culminated in Personal Best times at the 2006 FINA World Championships where I was part of the team that broke the World Record for the Medley Relay.

Joey not only helped me realize my potential, but helped achieve consistency and balance in all aspects of my life.

I’d recommend Joey to all athletes going for Gold!
Train Hard or Go Home!

Matt Parks
World Champion Karate All Styles

Joey Hayes Knowledge, skills and experience is unrivalled. His results speak for themselves. Training in THE PIT with Joey allowed me to be physically superior to my competitors and ensured I was the best prepared!

Joeys peaking methods and elite nutritional and supplementation ensured I would dominate my competition. Whilst training in THE PIT in preparation for my fights I got significantly stronger, powerful and more explosive.

His odd, unusual and unique conditioning methods put me ahead of the pack and guaranteed I would be strong until the bell!

Joey Hayes is an expert you want in your side of the ring.

Kael Becerra
Souther American 100m & 200m Sprint Champion

Being an Elite Athlete in South America-it is challenging to find world class, experienced coaches with a proven track record of success and it’s extremely frustrating when you can’t access the information required to take your performance to the next level!

I met Joey whilst he was consulting in South America and immediately knew he could take my performance to the next level! The challenge was to be able to work together whilst residing in different countries.

Enter Joeys Elite Distance Coaching Program. Since undertaking the program in 2010 I have seen significant improvements in my life as a person and on the track as a professional athlete. With Joeys understanding of all training variables he was able to guide, prescribe and oversee my training which allowed me to stay injury free and ultimately run faster!

I would definitely recommend Joeys Elite Distance Coaching Program for any athlete that is serious about taking their training to the next level! The best part is you can undertake the program from anywhere around the world!!

Nat Barnes
Professional Rugby League Player, South Sydney Rabbitohs

Never have I met someone with such commitment to what they do. Joey takes strength and conditioning to new levels, treating each athlete as an individual and tailoring their programs to meet their specific needs. Not only does Joey make athletes bigger, faster, stronger, he also places high importance on and helps athletes become the best they can be mentally, encouraging positive thoughts and an upright way of life.

Joey is always looking at new ways to improve himself as a coach, which keeps him on top of the latest strength and conditioning techniques and a leader in his field. Joey played a pivotal role in helping me take my game to the next level, and is a trusted friend whose support and advice I seek on a continual basis.

Griffin McMaster
Brisbane Roar Soccer Player 2009

Training with Joey Hayes outside of Brisbane Roar training gave me a tremendous edge over my opponents.

Joey rehabilitated a nagging groin and shoulder injury that had plagued me for the previous 2 years within 3 weeks!

My reaction time, hand speed, lateral speed and movement between goals improved significantly. The results on Joeys programs were far superior to any other program I have undertaken at the professional level.

“THE PIT Gymnasium” is a breeding ground for sporting success. The PIT boasts some of the best training equipment in the world; combined with some of the most educated and knowledgeable coaches who walk the walk and talk the talk.

Joeys results for physically and mentally preparing athletes to succeed at the elite level speaks for itself! Joey goes above and beyond what is expected to ensure his athletes succeed! Overall I hugely recommend the services of Joey Hayes to all athletes that want to achieve sporting greatness!

Byce Retzlaff
Brisbane Lions AFL Club 2012

Prior to training with Joey in THE PIT I never knew what was required inorder to achieve my dream of being drafted to a professional AFL club.

Seeking the knowledge of Joey Hayes ensured I became The Biggest, Fastest and Strongest and mentally toughest athlete I could be. Through Joey’s Intense training program, nutrition and supplementation plan I was putting on a minimum of a kilogram of lean muscle every week!

Joeys enthusiastic approach to coaching makes him a leader in his field and
gave me the competitive advantage needed to succeed with my personal goals and
aspirations. Joey recognizes the athletes individual needs and tailors his
programs around these specific requirements.

If you’re serious about reaching your full potential and playing a
professional sport, I’d highly recommend the professional coaching services of
Joey Hayes. It is the best decision I ever made and I would not be in the
position I am in now without Joeys training. His conversion rate for athletes
who reach their dreams and achieve their goals speaks for itself.

Matthew Lodge
Carlton Blues AFL Club Rookie List 2012

Joey’s perspective on what BEING THE BEST means and how to BE THE BEST, influenced my on-field and off-field motivation to exceed personal expectations, to push past the boundaries of pain til I knew that when I faced any opponent on a football field, I was physically superior to them.

But it’s not just being bigger and stronger than anyone else; Joey’s emphasis on flexibility, power and agility sets him apart from the other conditioning coaches. His goal is to make you the complete footballer/athlete, no matter what it takes.

Give Joey a call, bust your guts to get involved in his training programs and learn to call THE PIT your second home. If you want to achieve the ultimate success, then you’re doing yourself every favour in the world by being an athlete of Joey Hayes.

Broc McCauley
Hawthorn Hawks AFL Team

Every time I step onto the football field I know I have a competitive edge over my opponents as I know they haven’t had the opportunity to be trained by one of the most Elite Strength and Conditioning Specialists in Australia.

I have had the privilege of being trained and educated by Joey for the past 3 years which has given me the opportunity to reach my fullest athletic potential.

Joey’s customised programs, elite strength and conditioning techniques and his vast wealth of knowledge gave me the ability to take my game to the next level. Joey has the unique ability to take any athlete to the next level, if you have the desire to succeed and won’t settle for second best, contact Joey to see if you have what it takes to be an Athlete of the PIT!

Andrew Raines
Gold Coast Suns AFL Player 2015

Joey’s programs are exceptional for any young man or woman wanting to reach their sporting dream.

His meticulous and professional approach ensures that his athletes are well prepared physically and mentally.

I believe all his programs are cutting edge and they would be of the standard of any leading sporting programs in the world.

Matt Kennedy
Gold Coast Suns AFL Team, High Peromance Manager

Joey Hayes UFT Programs are some of the most comprehensive programs I’ve ever witnessed.

No stone is left unturned and they are ideal for players of all ages.

Paul Turk
West Coast Eagles High Performance Manager 

Ultimate Sports Performance (USP) is the place I choose while on the Gold Coast. Joey’s professional mindset, and striving to be the best has made ‘The Pit’ the place to train for serious athletes. With a design set up, and array of equipment we find it the perfect place to train, be it during the off season, or in season with the AFL while playing on the Gold Coast with our travelling Essendon emergency players.

We’ve used USP for many years, enabling our Essendon AFL players to train in a focused environment at the intensity required at the top professional sporting level. The personal facility has everything we require and the fact that it’s a non commercial type allows the privacy serious athletes need. ‘The Pit’ has everything serious athletes require, and Joey has ingrained his hard work ethic into the culture of ‘The Pit’. As soon as you walk in the facility it demands hard work, and intensity which we love.

Joey himself is an ultimate professional, always striving to be the best and challenging his staff & athletes around him to be so also. His commitment to excellence and his passion for strength & conditioning stands out.

I happily recommend Joey Hayes and the Ultimate Sports Performance facility the place to train while on the Gold Coast.

John Rankin
Gold Coast Stingrays AFL Club & Geelong Recruiting Scout

Having had a significant injury list during previous years, I sought the expertise of Joey Hayes to map out, program and guide our physical training processes for the Gold Coast Stingrays Under 16 AFL Team. His ability to get athletes faster, stronger and fitter but more importantly more resilient (healthy and injury free) is his point of difference!

The program the Gold Coast Stingrays received was the most specific, detailed and comprehensive program I have been involved with.

Our team won the QLD State Titles and beat every other team by a significant margin and had a record 9 Gold Coast AFL players that were selected in the QLD squad. We did not sustain any soft tissue injuries during the 8 months Joey worked with us.

Joey Hayes and the AFL Coach Education Package is the Real Deal and a MUST HAVE RESOURCE for serious coaches that want to get the advantage over their competition.

Dane Carmody
Sharks Dual Premiership PLayer 2005 & 2006, Joe Grant Medallist 2006

As the Southport Sharks Head Strength and Conditioning Coach, Joeys’ record is impressive;

3 years at the helm, 3 Grand Final appearances, 2 premierships and a record number of junior players drafted to AFL clubs.

Joey’s unique strength and conditioning programs specific to AFL were pertinent to our success and guaranteed our players were physically superior in all facets of the game.

His uncompromising attitude, expectations and professionalism set a new standard of professionalism at the club, and forced players to exceed these standards.

As a player I was impressed with his dedication to the craft and the fact, he left no stone unturned in his preparation to ensure each player was at their physical peak!

He has an uncanny ability to get players to peak and lift during the finals series, when it matters most.

If you are a team or club, Joey can help your team achieve the premiership success you desire!!

Neil Makay
PBC High School AFL Sports Excellence Coordinator (Level 3 AFL Coach)
PBC High School Queensland Champions 2006 & 2007

Joey has worked with PBC for 4 years. During that time our athletes have gotten bigger, faster and stronger!

Joey has implemented long term athlete development protocols to ensure the development of our younger footballers.

Our school prides itself on the development, results and sporting successes of its athletes. Joeys knowledge and experience have benefited our school strength and conditioning program tremendously!

He is truly a gifted individual that produces outstanding results!

Marc Lock
AFL Gold Coast Suns Captain

The elite coaching and superior training I received from Joey Hayes in THE PIT ensured I was physically and mentally prepared for the rigours of performing at the elite level.

The work ethic, self-belief and leadership qualities Joey instilled in me have allowed me to lead from the front and have contributed significantly to my on field success!

If you’re an athlete and you’re serious about achieving your dreams, you need to train with Joey Hayes. 

Youth Athlete Testimonials

Kodi Wallace
Junior AFL Team

Kiki Russell
Gold Coast Suns Academy Rep

Max Masters
Junior AFL Team

Sacha Alexeeff
All Australian Basketball League 2023 Draft