8 Things we learned from Kurt Tippett at Strongman!

1. He made sacrifices when he was younger. He didn’t party, instead he did exactly what you are doing by attending Strongman-he did extra training sessions away from Club, rep, school in THE PIT when his team mates would Not.

The football season is barely over and Sydney Swans Superstar is back in THE USP PIT Gym to get the edge over his competition!

2. He follows the 7 habits nutritional guidelines that were emailed out last week.

3. He had a dream and goal to become an elite AFL footballer and his goal was written down on a piece of paper and stuck to the side of his bed so everyday when woke up and every night before he went to sleep he would visualize and see himself achieving the goal before it happened.

4. Whenever he’s had setbacks or been injured he’s looked for other ways to improve. For example when he had his shoulder reconstructed he focused his training and attention on his legs and vice-versa for his upper body!

Sydney Swans Superstar Kurt Tippett Working on his Lower Body Strength in THE USP PIT Gymnasium!
Sydney Swans Superstar Kurt Tippett Working on his Lower Body Strength in THE USP PIT Gymnasium!

5. He has a back up plan for life after football and is currently studying commerce at University of Sydney. Apart from having a back up plan the university study also allows him something to focus on away from footy. This supports our strongman principle # 5 earn a strong living and give 100% in both sporting and academic endeavors!

6. Kurt played many sports including soccer, athletics, rugby union and basketball. Almost every single elite AFL footballer I have coaches always played multiple sports and this is the reason the first 25 mins of strongman is devoted to the development of other team sport games that have transferable skills to the footy field.

Mixed Sports Conditioning-basketball, soccer, European handball to become a better footballer!

Mixed Sports Conditioning-basketball to become a better footballer!

7. Friends and families are of vital importance. especially during setbacks or challenging times. Make time for those people that support you and help you achieve your goals!

Kurt AFL Camp October 2019
Strongman Tribe 2015
Strongman Tribe 2015

DSC_0361Strongman 5 Nov Sm

8. It’s the work you do in the off-season that determines your performance improvements in-season!

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Stay strong,

Joey Hayes