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Starting February 2016

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Imagine If You Could Make a Great Living Being a Personal Trainer.
Doing What You Love… USING a UNIQUE, Cutting Edge SYSTEM That Gets RESULTS Fast. Delivered by One of the Most
Highly Paid AND Successful Trainers in the Country!

Strictly Limited This Year to ONLY 12 future Elite Personal Trainers… secrets to join this lucrative industry…. a very rare and life changing opportunity!

What if you could do what you love, while providing AMAZING Life Changing services & experiences for your clients AND making a LOT of MONEY doing it? It’s an AMAZING LIFE, trust me, I’m doing it now and have been for the past decade…. But it wasn’t always that way…I vividly remember when I was first starting out as a struggling trainer…

Working massive hours to make ends meet….I ran myself into the ground…And my health and performance suffered….Stressed out wondering when and if my next client would work through the door…I don’t think I had a holiday in the first 5 years of business…But, I was determined to be successful and I invested in any coaching certification course I could that promised to help me get out of debt and closer to doing what I loved.

Fast forward 10 years, and things are MUCH different now….I have the FREEDOM to WORK WHEN I WANT! I coach an average of 6 hours per week and spend the rest of my time training, surfing, eating and travelling, did I mention I have very few employees or headaches either…

I have a World Class Training Facility with every piece of equipment I want….

I work only with who I want to and (have a client waiting list a mile long)…..professional athletes and celebrities…I get paid extremely well doing what I love…upwards of 15k per day and I coach maybe 2 hours of this day! And as far as I’m aware I am one of the most highly paid trainers in the world. I get to motivate, inspire and change lives and the best part…I get paid to do it!!

And the best part is that you could do it too…

I’ve been featured in Musclemag and my DVD’s and Manuals have been sold around the world! I’ve lectured nationally and internationally on topics of Elite Performance! I’ve got multiple sources of income and make money when I sleep…it’s not a million dollars a day, but hey nothings better than waking up seeing money deposited into your bank account……especially when you’ve been sleeping…those days are awesome and fantastic!

I’m interested in adventures and thrills and doing and experiencing things most people only dream about! Parachuting, Flying Fighter Jets in the Hunter Valley and Helicopter flights through Grand Canyon in Vegas. I have fantastic holidays; usually a few holidays per year, I travel the world and have some excellent adventures…(Europe, The USA, Mentawais, Vanuatu, Bali, Japan, South America, Asia to name a few!)

Truth be told… I haven’t really spoken about my blessed private life until now…Basically because if you knew how I lived you’d hate me…..I have a private chef…and enjoy world class meals with high quality certified organic ingredients every day! I train, eat, surf and more importantly live life on my terms in a business that I have designed specifically for my purpose and to support my lifestyle…(geez that sounds a little narcissistic doesn’t it…it’s just MY REALITY!..But most importantly, I make a difference in a profession that I truly I love!

I have the TIME and the MONEY to choose to give either or back the community and actually make a difference! In short, I have a truly amazing life! So why am I telling you this..? Turn over and find out…

Kurt Tippett Sydney Swans AFL Club “I know Joey’s on top of his game. He wouldn’t let one thing slip…his standards are very high and that’s what I find very important and that is what I look to in a strength coach. I’ve been able to make a career and a living out of what I do and it is partly due to the time spent here in The Pit with Joey. I know I wouldn’t be able to compete with athletes that I have been able,.today, if it wasn’t for the hard work and the time spent in The Pit”.


I don’t say this to brag,I say this to inspire you, so you can join me! And Here’s How You Can Too……


The Ultimate Personal Trainer Certification!

The Most Hands On, In the Trenches, Certification for Transforming
Your Knowledge in Business & Training

And before you think this is just another PT Course-I promise you it’s not! It’s vastly and supremely different to any other PT course you’ve ever seen or heard about. And here’s why…

But I’ll tell you more about that later on….I want to show you how you too can create a massively successful fitness business that changes lives and creates unforgettable experiences. I want you to be able to take amazing holidays with your friends and families whenever you want thanks to the world class business and training systems you have in place, allowing your business to run smoothly/perfectly even when you’re not around.

During The Ultimate PT Certification Course I will be cutting through the hype, the B.S. and the fancy talk to bring you my Ultimate Training Certification, Guaranteed to change your life for the better, 10 fold, at minimum!

That’s right, I want to give you the tools to start doing what you love and allowing you to live the life of your dreams. You just need to take that first step. Some people will call you crazy…they’ll tell you it’s risky…and that you’ll FAIL!!!! Yet it’s these very people that have never dreamed, never achieved and never accomplished anything of greatness in their lives anyway….

Pay close attention as space is extremely limited with only 12 spots available in addition to an application process to ensure we have only the most serious future Coaches present during The Ultimate Certification Course. My training methods have been used by Olympic Medalists, World Champions, World Record Holders and International Track and Field superstars as well as many of Australia’s Elite AFL and NRL players to gain the edge over their competition.

Mick Parks USP Certified Coach Well Joey told me if you find a job you’re passionate about the money will come and obviously I found the passion and I am more happy than I’ve ever been before because I get to work with people I look up to… I get to work in a job that’s awesome and I love. I have actually recently just got back from the US. I got to train and visit all different gyms over there which was fantastic as I just want to see what it’s like everywhere else…just to get to visit different gyms which is awesome. I’ve got the money to do the things I love now like travelling…it’s just pretty much changed my life to be able to eat well, to buy good supplements…it’s good…life is much better!

And with the 1000’s of PT’s around you are going to want and definitely need to stand out from the crowd and your competition….just like I have….. and I will show you how! I want you to skip all my mistakes in training and business and get a jump start to the fast track of success. I’ve made the mistakes so you don’t have to.

Whoever said that you must “Climb the ladder of success” was DEAD Wrong!
I will Give you the Tools to “JUMP up the ladder of success.”

You will get the opportunity to live through more than a decade of my experience in training and over 15 years of coaching experience. Imagine having the exact Blue Print I use to explode your training and business success…. Or do you want to waste more time, more energy and countless dollars doing the wrong thing? If you are reading this letter then you have clearly already begun to make your decision towards getting on the fast track to success for yourself, your clients and your business.

I don’t blame you. If I was in your shoes, I would do the same thing. When I was searching for uni courses, exercise science degrees, personal trainer certifications everything required studying countless books, taking exams and doing all the things that have no carry over to the real world.


USP - Matt Garland - USP Certified Coach
Matt Garland
USP Certified Coach

“You can earn great money, enjoy what you’re doing and just love your life and that was always really important to me and all I wanted to do since I was young. Having done the certification with Joey I know I can have both. I can do something I enjoy doing and also earn a fantastic living and have the time to put into myself, my family and my friends as well!”

USP - Matt Simons Plant - USP Certified Coach
Matt Simons Plant
USP Certified Coach

“The Elite Certification has been absolutely sensational, it’s been magic. I’ve learnt not just about training – but the training knowledge has been incredible – but all aspects of life. Opening the mind up more, believe in yourself; the ability to set your goals and set great ones and go for a great life. Too many people out there, including many personal trainers, are just settling for the average lifestyle and if that’s what they want fine, but we come to USP because we want great lives”.

USP - Dan Rolfe - USP Certified Coach
Dan Rolfe
USP Certified Coach

“I was blown away by the course…it’s really more in-depth and taught me more about life in general, about the mindset. It’s all in the head, it really is. It’s helped me in every aspect of my life, it’s not just about training and trying to be a personal trainer. It’s not just a matter of going to the gym and pushing some machines around, that’s not personal training as such. So he’s really taught in-depth on how to design programs, nutrition. Really cut the bullshit and got straight to it and really taught you what you need to know in a real life situation”.

I’ve seen and met many trainers that consider themselves to be educated professionals…..

They’ve attended PT and university courses, read books and articles on the internet, yet they have no idea how to train people.

  • No Idea How to design a world class training program…
  • No Idea How to actually coach and instruct many of the basic exercises…
  • No Idea How to market or sell their services effectively…..
  • No Idea How to implement business systems to save themselves time effort stress money!

The Ultimate PT Certification guarantees you will be world class in those key areas!

So how did I learn and what can I teach you?

Instead, I learned through trial and error regarding what works and what doesn’t work in training and in business. Training clients on a daily basis and getting “under the bar” myself constantly allows me to evaluate what works and what doesn’t work.

These are NOT theory based training methods coming out of a book from no true experiences. This is 100% application because I am out there doing it, transforming my clients, day in and day out, which is the most effective and most reliable way to learn what works in the real world.

The REAL “science” lies in my own lab, which has been anywhere I have trained my clients, in everything ranging from a double lock up garage and sporting clubs to schoolyards to my World Class USP Gymnasium where you’ll be experiencing my secrets and Elite Training Methodologies.

The majority of Everything we do will be as “Hands On’ as possible so you will learn by doing, which is the most effective way to REALLY learn how to work with others and how to instruct others.

Read this: MOST Courses DON’T DO Hands On!

USP - Matty Parks, Martial Arts Champion
Daniel Rolfe
USP Certified Coach

“To have the chance to really be taught by someone really at the top of their profession, someone who’s a really highly known strength and conditioning coach. Well, who wouldn’t want someone who’s actually got a name to train them or to help them out? Why go to some willy-nilly PT course and no-one knows who they are? They could be anybody and they’re a nobody and, in essence, would you rather stand out from the crowd and go straight to the best? “Oh, Joey Hayes, strength and conditioning coach, best at what he does”. Can’t get any better. I want to be the best at what I do, so I look for the best!”

During the Ultimate PT Certification Course you will:

  • Learn our exact warm up program which helps develop strength, flexibility, mobility and prepares the mind and body for all workouts.

  • Go through USP workouts and experience exactly how and why we develop phenomenal results for all our clients and how you can do the same with our system.

  • Discover how and why we can consistently improve the strength, speed and conditioning of all our clients and how you will be able to do the same.

  • You will LEARN as you Coach others through USP workouts and instruct individuals and groups on the performance of movements and exercises.

  • Get the exact Blue Print of the workouts that all new clients go through to develop physical preparation, dramatically reduce weak areas and quickly skyrocket physical performance and development. This Blue Print will be priceless to improving your business because the results come EVERY SINGLE WORKOUT and the workouts provide constant positive feedback which encourages and excites the trainee to want more of what you have in stock for them.

  • No Holds Barred Q & A with me. Anything you want to ask me during the certification is wide open. There will be no hiding anything, I plan on giving wide open access to everything I do.

  • Program Design secrets that allow you to use the simplest and most basic training tools and environments yet still create world class results in strength gains, fat loss, muscle growth, and speed development.

Let’s take a look at your USP Elite Coaching curriculum and what you’re about to experience. Now, let me remind you. Just because it’s not written here does not mean we cannot address these topics during our certification course…

Dayne Beams
Collingwood AFL Premiership Player 2010

Since I was a youngster I always dreamed of playing AFL footy at the highest level. To play at the elite level, I knew I’d have to get Bigger Faster & Stronger!

That is when I sought the guidance and expertise and wisdom of Joey Hayes. I’d seen and heard about the amazing results he’d produced with previous AFL footballers, so I gave him a call.

This would have been one of the smartest things I’ve ever done! I was blown away by the results! Within 3 weeks he increased my vertical jump by 29cm, my speed, agility and explosive power went through the roof! To say he has mastered the art of strength and conditioning and fine tuning football performance would be an understatement!

If you are fair dinkum about having a crack at playing top level sport I’d highly recommend seeking the services/training with Joey Hayes at THE PIT. The only regret I had was not training with him sooner! Do yourself a favor get into his program – You won’t regret it!

USP - Dayne Beams at USP

Remember, the majority of the course will be hands on, with only 11 others, including YOU,
experiencing all of these power packed methods!

  • Introduction of The USP Strength Methods
  • Proper Warm and Movement Prep Prior to Workouts.
  • Warm Up and Physical Prep Methods of Eastern European Athletes. Here we will cover individual and partner body weight movements that can be done anywhere, anytime, using no equipment at all! This portion alone will be worth its weight in gold as I take you through countless progressions and variations of these powerful body weight movements.
  • The USP baseline workouts. These are the exact workouts our new clients go through to develop work capacity and strength in minimal time! Once you begin using them with your clients watch them make dramatic improvements every single workout without fail!
  • Strongman and Odd Object Fundamentals for developing dramatic leaps in strength, muscle gains, mental toughness, fat loss and power: Training with sandbags, tractor tires, odd objects, strongman implements, sleds and more. You will get an in depth look at how and when to utilize and coach these powerful movements, how to implement them effectively and correctly into a workout and training program.
  • Integrating Old School Bodybuilding and Powerlifting – There are certain “Must Have” movements that one should use when training with the old school barbell and dumbbell basics, the most common tools of the trade. Here you will learn the best movements to utilize, how to correctly and effectively coach and utilize these movements to develop incredible gains in strength, speed and muscle growth.
  • Program Design – A lot of people know how to perform exercises correctly, but far and few know how to produce powerful results in minimal time because their program design methods are horrible. We will discuss how and why we design our programs to deliver incredible results as well as experiencing and coaching USP workouts using our program design methods.
  • Putting it ALL Together – This is when we round up and analyze all the powerful information you have experienced and discuss how you can easily begin applying these methods to explode your success.
  • USP Business Secrets – Learn how to take your program from 0 to 100 KMPH asap with my proven USP business methods. This is marketing that you can use to quickly & easily kick start your business and become profitable literally within one week. I will reveal exactly how to go about getting clients using highly successful strategies that will not cost you a cent! You don’t need to invest more money right now, I’m going to give you an implementation program that brings you money while doing what you love! That’s why you’re coming to me, right?

A major component to the course will be your practical experience. This is what sets this course apart from the rest of them is that you actually get to gain your practical experience in a professional training environment….

You will be going through hands on sessions where you will be training and coaching others in the group as well as my athletes at The USP Gymnasium. Remember, at all times, all questions will be answered, nothing is taboo and the course will be geared towards YOUR needs. You will learn some of the most powerful, ready to use information, to grow your training business like a wild stampede of Bulls.

This certification will be like no other seminar you’ve ever attended!! If you’re a coach, trainer or gym owner, this certification will truly be a career-changing experience!! This certification will give you total access to the entire USP staff for the duration of the course!

Since YOU will be dictating exactly what we will be covering throughout the course, I can’t give you every single topic here as it’s just too much to cover but I’ll do my best.

Here are just a few topics that will surely be covered in detail that you will learn and experience…

1. How to structure sessions if athlete’s in your group have different abilities
2. How to organize workouts w/ large groups of kids without sacrificing quality
3. How we train young athletes who aren’t ready for our Elite USP Training Templates
4. How to open your own warehouse/garage gym
5. How to build a fun/competitive atmosphere while training
6. When to progress to accommodating resistance methods (bands & chains) with your athletes
7. Transitioning from an in-season template to beginning an off-season program
8. In-season training methods for all sports
9. How to work around injuries
10. Unique ways to incorporate the prowler & sled into your program
11. Improving work capacity in the weight room

  • Shadow our staff during a training session with our 2016 AFL Draft Camp Prep Class
  • Experience our training sessions first-hand
  • Learn how to systemize our training program to suit your specific needs
  • Learn how to design programs for specific sports & goals
  • Initial evaluation & assessment of new athletes
  • Most efficient ways to group athletes
  • Coaching & psychological techniques to get the most out of your athletes
  • USP business model
  • How to brand yourself and attract more clients/athletes into your program
  • Open Q&A all weekend—EVERY question you bring will be answered…and much, much more!!!

**And most importantly…experiencing the “USP Experience” first-hand by training in our gym, with our athletes, while professional coaches are watching, correcting and motivating you!!

*Course attendees will also have access to special offers on kick-ass training gear that is usually only available to Elite USP Training clients!

USP - Marie Grofski - USP Certified Coach
Marie Grofski
USP Certified Coach

“The practical side was amazing to me because I had not been involved before. And that they did it correctly, step-by-step, just little cues how you could show them. Without actually physically showing it yourself. It’s like so many lights just went off, just different things that we did through the course and it was like “Yes, yes”.”

So what about business know how do you cover that?

You bet we do!

Check out this killer information that will be covered in the course:

  • How you can create your business before even owning or renting a warehouse. NO location required.
  • How and when is the right time to make the jump and rent your warehouse or garage.
  • How to train ONLY who you want to work with. NO more training of clients that drain you of energy, time and your potential to earn more income.
  • How to create a following and a family inside your gym so your clients never want to leave nor do they care to see what else or who else is available.
  • The secret to developing higher price points that earn you greater profits and do NOT shock your prospects.
  • How to Break Free from the activities and skills that imprison you, cause burn out and hold back your true potential to earn a living doing what you love.
  • How to use systems to allow you to run your gym smoothly and effectively even when you are NOT there.
  • What equipment do you REALLY need to operate your warehouse gym and save yourself tens thousands on start up costs.
  • How to ask the right questions to your prospects so you NEVER have to sell your services, instead, you’ll have people asking YOU to become your client.
  • How to use the internet to promote and spread your word like wildfire while avoiding the HUGE mistakes other coaches make when training to promote their business.
  • How to use fundraisers to attract attention to your gym, your training system AND benefiting others.
  • Superior Marketing tactics to attract highly qualified prospects to your gym on a shoe string budget.
  • How to build your “story” to build powerful relationships, while creating a stronger, more loyal following.
  • Discover How to Become a Leader, Why leadership is critical to building your warehouse gym and how you can leverage your leadership skills to develop die hard, loyal customers who never want to leave your gym.
  • Not sure how much space you need to create a Kick Ass Warehouse Gym? Discover the reason why Small is The NEW Big and how being smaller is better for your business, not just because it saves you on rent either!
  • How to use “FREE” in more ways than one to leverage your business, pick up new clients, get new equipment and much, much more.
  • Discover the critical steps behind identifying, creating and DOMINATING your niche! There is Nothing Better than training who you love and earning a great living doing so!
  • How to “take care” of your customers in very specific ways to build the ultimate relationships with them, in turn, bringing you a flood of highly qualified referrals and prospects.
  • How to negotiate from a position of power when speaking with your landlord regarding a lease that is in favour of YOU and saves YOU a lot of Money!
  • How to find highly qualified prospects that are ready AND willing to invest in your services without the need to use embarrassing sales pitches.
  • Discover my best kept secrets for How to speak with a prospect when they call you or meet you in person. This tip alone will help you pick up clients 10 times easier than before and will be worth your investment alone!
  • Discover THE “Maverick Rule” for marketing your warehouse gym the RIGHT way, who you should NEVER market to, ensuring you attract the most qualified prospects.
USP - Joey and AFL Player
Nathanael Barnes
Brisbane Broncos Player 2012

“Not only does Joey make athletes bigger, faster, stronger, he also places high importance on and helps athletes become the best they can be mentally, encouraging positive thoughts and an upright way of life. Joey is always looking at new ways to improve himself as a coach, which keeps him on top of the latest strength and conditioning techniques and a leader in his field. Joey played a pivotal role in helping me take my game to the next level, and is a trusted friend whose support and advice I seek on a continuous basis”.

AND there’s even more…

  • Maverick Mindset and Success Principles that will boost your confidence BIG time, help you silence the naysayers and haters while your warehouse gym delivers the ultimate in results.
  • How and Where to begin connecting, networking and marketing your warehouse gym to build your gym into “Super Hero” status.
  • Discover The “Never Ending Plan of Attack” to grow your business, which methods work best, why they work best, advantages of “Real World” marketing vs. Internet Marketing and why you should STOP trying to make everyone happy!
  • Discover the Secrets of maximizing your very first interaction with your prospects and clients allowing you to easily prove your place is THE place above and beyond anyone else around you!
  • How to use “pre-qualifiers” to gain entrance and membership into your gym instantly making your warehouse gym more valuable and more attractive to the prospect.
  • What is “take away selling” and how you can use this simple strategy to gain new clients quickly and easily without having a typical “sit down” and trying to sell them on your services like other gyms do.
  • What is THE movie you have to watch to give you the critical mindset and a critical business strategy for building a kick ass warehouse gym.
  • Discover the 14 Critical Steps you need to have IN place when creating the ULTIMATE Warehouse or Garage Gym Business. This is going to be your “Code” and will separate your business from all the others! This tip alone will be worth your investment!
  • Put into play these “USP Marketing” tips to allow you to keep clients longer as well as training your clients to refer highly qualified prospects your way.
  • The 5 powerful steps to creating your “Marketing Machine” helping you build your business at HIGH speed.
  • The 6 easiest and most effective FREE methods you should and MUST implement into your warehouse gym business to keep bringing clients to your gym on a regular basis.
  • What is the ONE thing prospects HATE when you to talk to them about your services and how you can make this work to YOUR advantage. This tip alone will change the way you bring on clients and will be worth your investment alone!
  • How to create your price points and the negative side effects to avoid when being the cheapest or most affordable. Do NOT make this mistake as it will run you AND your warehouse gym into the ground!
  • THE MOST POWERFUL follow up method when discussing membership options for your gym after someone has inquired about your services. This tip alone has been responsible for increasing the number of clients who have become members of my gym and invested in our most premium services. You MUST learn this ONE tip!
  • Discover why you must incorporate “levels” in your membership options and how these different levels can easily help you build customers for life. Learning these tips stops your need to constantly seek more and more clients.
  • How to create “The Fear of Disconnect” with your clients, turning your warehouse gym into the “3rd Place.”
  • Critical Business Systems to have in place from Day 1 that will allow your business to run effectively, smoothly and profitably even when you are NOT there!
  • How you should break down your training and business system into phases and stages allowing you to create an amazing experience for your clients and a smooth running warehouse gym business. Without these stages properly implemented your business will NOT remain in business, Period.
  • What is the “Ladder” method and how you can effectively use this business system to create exclusivity in your warehouse gym as well as clients who rave about their results with your system.
  • What do you do when things go FUBAR? Sometimes, emergencies happen. LIFE happens! Discover how to have systems in place for emergencies and how your gym will still kick ass even if you are NOT there due to these “Life Events”.
  • What can you do with your warehouse gym when you begin to get extremely busy or when applicants are looking for short term membership? Do you change the marketing? Do you create new, specialized training groups? The answers to these questions will open up NEW opportunity for you as well as creating new revenue streams for your warehouse gym!
  • What do you do if your warehouse gym is NOT earning profit or you suddenly lose a large group of clients? This list of solutions will help boost your business QUICKLY and bring profit your way ASAP. Don’t miss these critical solutions!
  • Discover TWO critical steps which must be in place to keep retention of your clients VERY high. This makes it easy for you to KEEP clients for long term rather than always searching for new clients which is the WRONG way to go about building your warehouse gym!
  • What is the ONE thing that you should NOT allow in your business? Too many business owners get stuck doing this ONE thing and it kills their passion for training others and diminishes their profits BIG time! Don’t let it happen to you.
  • What is “The Edge Principle” and how should you use this to show prospects the 2 sides of the story and of course, why YOUR story shows the “edge”.
USP - Matt Garland - USP Certified Coach
Matt Garland
USP Certified Coach

“Practical experience is a big thing obviously… that is probably the basis for strength and conditioning. I mean very rarely do you find a strength and conditioning coach that doesn’t do anything practical. I mean it’s a very hands on thing and to be able to get the experience in a professional environment is definitely a big thing to have under your belt and to have in your bag of tools to know that you’ve already worked with professional athletes, worked in that professional environment it gives you that extra string to your bow. If you were going to look for a job or start your own business depending on what it actually is you want to do you have got that extra string to your bow to say, well I have experience working in a professional environment working with professional athletes. I know how it works and I am confident working in that environment, that is a really big thing and for myself personally that was definitely an area I wanted to get into. I always wanted to work with elite athletes and be in that professional environment and I think having that experience in that professional environment already under my belt is a massive difference maker because I know I have that confidence to be able to do it when I need to do it.”

  • What are The “5 Must Haves” in your business before you DARE open the doors to your business. If any of these 5 are missing your business could get shut down and / or run itself into the ground.
  • What equipment do you need to have to get a warehouse gym started up without going overboard and breaking the bank? Too many warehouse gym owners spend excessive amounts of money on equipment they do NOT need, sending them into debt before the doors to their warehouse gym even opens!
  • What should you be doing with your gym EVERY month and how much of your income should you be using to invest back in your business?
  • What are the FOUR “Web Site Weapons” you must have to attract new clients, get ranked high by Google Search Engines and allow you to market your services to prospects on a regular basis.
  • TWO critical things you MUST have on your Blog / Website to maximize AND monetize your ability to pick up clients from the internet.
  • Use these 5 Viral Marketing methods to help you spread the word about your training business faster than ever before while attracting highly qualified prospects to your warehouse gym!
  • What are the 3 different “pages” you MUST have on your Blog / Website to create a powerful connection and attraction to your warehouse gym? Use these 3 “pages” and you’ll see just how powerful your website will quickly become! Don’t miss this!
  • Discover how to properly and effectively leverage the use of “contests” in your warehouse gym, bringing you attention of the local media AND highly qualified prospective clients
  • Are you confused overloaded with information on training and business? NO worries. I narrow it down by giving you a list of recommended reading in both training and business so you can cut through the garbage and B.S. and get straight to the most effective business and training resources.

Kael Becerra
Souther American 100m & 200m Sprint Champion

Being an Elite Athlete in South America-it is challenging to find world class, experienced coaches with a proven track record of success and it’s extremely frustrating when you can’t access the information required to take your performance to the next level!

I met Joey whilst he was consulting in South America and immediately knew he could take my performance to the next level! The challenge was to be able to work together whilst residing in different countries.

Enter Joeys Elite Distance Coaching Program. Since undertaking the program in 2010 I have seen significant improvements in my life as a person and on the track as a professional athlete. With Joeys understanding of all training variables he was able to guide, prescribe and oversee my training which allowed me to stay injury free and ultimately run faster!

I would definitely recommend Joeys Elite Distance Coaching Program for any athlete that is serious about taking their training to the next level! The best part is you can undertake the program from anywhere around the world!!

Prepare to Learn My Secrets On….

  • My favourite & MOST effective methods for finding AND keeping clients long term
  • What to do if you are just starting out and want to earn credibility and respect from the prospects who seek you out as a Coach
  • How to manage your business effectively and properly from Day 1 to ensure FAST growth, NO more spinning your wheels wondering how to get clients
  • My “TOP Business Rules” – these are the rules that I live and breathe by
  • The equipment you should start with and the stuff you should NOT waste your money on
  • How to pay your employees, how to find employees and interns and what to look for in a great employee
  • How to create a web site that brings in traffic and earns you RESPECT
  • How AND when is the best time and way to create an internet product to help you bring in passive income and leverage your knowledge
  • How to stop trading your time for money and begin leveraging your time to earn DOUBLE your current income
  • The secrets of developing thick skin and a tough mind set to keep you going strong when those around you try to bring you down
  • How to avoid the BIGGEST mistakes I’ve made that cost me a lot of hard earned money and time that you can AND will avoid!


In Addition…

This is Worth Your Investment Alone…..

I called in two under the radar, highly successful gym owners, Coach 22 & Coach 58, to spill the beans and get grilled on:

  • How they started their business on a shoe string budget
  • How one guy started his business from the back of his truck running youth athletic camps and was booked solid using this ONE awesome, under the radar “marketing” tip!
  • How they grew their business from zero to a full time income
  • What did they look for when searching for gym space and why did they choose the route they took
  • How do they effectively organize training sessions for athletes & non athletes
  • What system do they have in place for new clients and how you can plug and play these simple systems to grow your business income AND popularity!
  • How do they create a family inside their gym allowing them to NOT worry about looking for new clients all the time since they have clients staying with them LONG term. You MUST learn these techniques
  • What events and tactics have proven to be most successful in their business bringing them media attention and creating buzz around their town in turn helping them grow their business faster than ever before.
  • What pricing structure do they use and why. BOTH of these methods for membership will make your life easier AND your business More Profitable!
  • How do they accept membership / billing methods and why you need to start doing this from Day 1 to avoid major headaches and hassles.
  • How do they design specialty programs and challenges to invigorate their clients to continue training with them.
  • Do they have an assessment / introductory system for new clients and why you should come up with one of these methods for your gym!

Last but NOT least, I called up a good mate of mine, for now, we can refer to him as Coach X, as he doesn’t want people in the industry ripping him off and learning that he’s dishing out his renegade business building secrets that helped him build a 6 figure business, working part time AND without even being inside a “Real” facility.

That’s right, Coach X never even had his own facility and he was getting up to $3,000 UP FRONT to train his athletes.

This is hard hitting, Renegade information that you have NEVER heard before and the Coach X Bonus CD will be worth your investment alone!

As you can see, The Ultimate PT Certification is NOT your run of the mill, Bull Shit PT business course. It’s the REAL deal, jam packed with Maverick Business Building secrets that you won’t find anywhere else, only HERE.

This is THE blueprint you want and need if you plan on opening or already have a gym and want to dominate the market.

USP - Santiago Ngueras - USP Certified Coach
Santiago Nogueras
USP Certified Coach

“One of the things I like the most about the course is the people that you get to know. Everybody is really, really business orientated and also pretty much have a life that is healthy and fit and pretty much everybody wants to succeed. Everybody has got in their mind where they want to go. So it is good to be in association with this type of people. That is when you get to network and everybody get to share business ideas and what they want to achieve and help each other. Every single person I met in certification has been really great with me. I’m from overseas and have not been here for long. They have been great, really respectful and just the best.”

Cry Babies, Lazy Asses, Excuse Makers and Whiners Beware….

If you are happy with your current status quo and always have an excuse or cry about your lack of success, ‘The Ultimate PT Certification, is NOT for you, plain & simple.

On the flip side, if you are hungry to pursue the life and business of your dreams and are willing to go the extra mile so you can achieve greater success then this program will prove an incredibly small price for the enormous benefits.


Who do you learn from?

I’ve always been a BIG believer in finding those who have achieved what you aspire to achieve and learning from them. (It’s called Standing on the shoulders of giants analogy…and you’ll find out more about these giants later on and I can talk about my elite lecturers that will give you world class skills…)

Daniel Rolfe USP Certified Coach “To have the chance to really be taught by someone really at the top of their profession, someone who’s a really highly known strength and conditioning coach. Well, who wouldn’t want someone who’s actually got a name to train them or to help them out? Why go to some willy-nilly PT course and no-one knows who they are? They could be anybody and they’re a nobody and, in essence, would you rather stand out from the crowd and go straight to the best? “Oh, Joey Hayes, strength and conditioning coach, best at what he does”. Can’t get any better. I want to be the best at what I do, so I look for the best!”

I’m always looking for the fastest most efficient way to achieve these results and success! If someone already has a Blue Print for success, why not follow suit?

Matt Garland USP Certified Coach “The value of having mentors and people to be associated with that actually walk the walk instead of just talking the talk is a really big thing…it’s very important. I’ve always thought ever since I started getting into strength and conditioning and personal development and all that stuff I always found that having a good role model makes a massive difference and it makes your life a whole lot easier whether it is just learning quicker, getting results quicker when you’re training all that sort of stuff it makes a massive difference to have a role model that is doing it as well to be able to look up to and say…I’m eating the right foods, I’m training the right way. It makes it a whole lot easier when you can look at someone who is doing all the right things that they expect you to do. It’s all well and good to talk the talk but if you have no one to base your life style off I mean if you want to be training hard like an elite athlete you want to have someone to follow and if you have a coach who is doing the same thing it makes your life a whole lot easier.”

No need to reinvent the wheel to success if it is already available. You’ll end up wasting a lot of money and a lot of time. I have gone through the painful mistakes and I want you to avoid them at all costs and begin your profitable, successful fitness business from Day 1. That’s precisely why I’ve assembled one of the most elite groups of expert lecturers/practitioners ever assembled! Take a look at their names, credentials and results!

My vision is to develop the Ultimate Personal Trainer Certification and whilst I have great knowledge in many areas I’ve bought in actual Industry experts to share and pass on their knowledge directly to you!!!! My vision is to make my students that undertake The Ultimate Personal Trainer Certification Course the Best, Most Knowledgeable, Successful, Results Driven, Highest Paid Trainers in the world!

I challenge you to find any other certification with an elite group of world class world renowned experts anywhere else!!!You won’t!!!!

Matt Simons Plant US Certified Coach: Joey has been absolutely incredible, motivating. His energy, his health is always at 100% so that helps to keep us on top of our game. His ability to keep that energy at the same level right throughout the whole session is very impressive and I hope that one day I could achieve something like that, because to be able to do that for a full day, six hours, and then he goes and trains the lads after at that same intensity, I just think is mind-blowing. And yeah, obviously the knowledge and the practical work that we were taught was excellent, the coaching, the way he makes it very, very simple was excellent. I’ve never felt more ready and more willing and I’ve got the ability now more than ever to be able to charge big dollars for training, which I probably couldn’t do – well, I definitely couldn’t do six weeks ago. So it’s really amazing what you can do and shift your life in six weeks.

Take a long hard look at these experts; you’ll have access to these mind-blowing people only during the Ultimate PT Certification!

USP - Matt Garland - USP Certified Coach
Matt Garland
USP Certified Coach

“I did a bit of research before I decided to do this course with Joey. I had a look around at other training organizations. I thought the biggest thing that stood out with Joey’s course was the professionalism. The way he (Joey) goes around everything, how he does everything, it’s all top quality. That is something that is very difficult to find…it is something that brings together a lot of knowledge that is really high quality and it is presented in that same way as well. It is presented by guys that are world class coaches and not just in the one field, I mean there is every field you can think of…Rugby league, AFL, Track & Field and really a broad look at strength and conditioning on all different levels and all different sports and obviously all the sports differ so strength and conditioning is going to differ as well for different sports so its really good to get that whole outlook and not just from the one perspective.”

Bryce Retzlaff
Brisbane Lions AFL Club 2012

From a coaching point of view it’s good to see the coaches getting in and setting the standard themselves. I’m a big believer that you have to do the work to be able to coach the best…you can’t just read and study and then be able to go and teach someone something you read in a book…you’ve got to be able to work it out yourself so in terms of that there is no better techniques and work ethic from Joey himself and his coaches and I suppose the real positive is when you hear around the traps about Joey Hayes and people who’ve never met or come in contact with Joey yet they have such great things to say about him…

I suppose the really good thing when you talk to people and they have never met Joey and never been in the Pit or never come into contact with him that they have such great things to say…you know like you meet some of the best physiotherapists going around the country who personally helped me with my knee rehab… And I say I’m with Joey Hayes and they just love it…they say Oh he’s got great technique…you’ll be fine in his hands…so his reputation goes a long way and that is built on a lot of hard work and 16 years of knowledge and doing it himself.

Check out this World Class Line-up of Presenters…!

  • Sharon Hannon (Olympic Sprints Track and Field Coach to Sally Pearson
  • Paul Haines (GC Suns S and C Coach)
  • Dan Baker (Broncos S and C Coach)
  • Al Davidson (Worlds Best Massage Therapist)
  • Ken Johnston (Functional Medicine Specialist)
  • Valerie Cole (functional Medicine Specialist)
  • Sam Queen (World Leading Blood Chemistries Expert)
  • Ash Mahoney (PGA Golf Tour Podiatrist)
  • Matt Kennedy (GC Suns S and C Coach)
  • Jeremy Shepherd (World Renowned SAQ Specialist and Director of Hurley Surf)
  • Tim Brown (Australian Olympic Team Physio)
  • Chris McLellan (GC Titans S and C Coach)
  • Dean Robinson (Yes, that Dean Robinson from Essendon AFL Club)

Before I tell you how much the course is…I want to ask you a question…How much do you think you’d pay to access these experts individually??….It’s not cheap…trust me….Do you think you’d even be able to get access to these people…heck no, they’re booked up for months in advance…

These are my go to people when I need specific advice in any specialist area….These people are some of my most trusted and respected advisors and colleagues and I’m delivering them to you on a platter right there for the taking….so you pick their brains..

Now, of course, the critical question: How Much Does it Cost?

Simple. There is NO “Cost” if you truly take action with what we teach you. It’s a small investment. If you view this as a cost then your mind is in the wrong place. If ALL you do is pick up 1 client for 4 weeks this will cover your tiny investment. But, let me put my word behind The USP PT Course. You will, if you only apply a fraction of what I reveal, earn back at least 10 times your investment.

But, like I said before. This program is ONLY for action takers, those who DO work and those who walk the talk. Success will NOT fall onto your lap. Besides we only have room for 12 dedicated students…

The Exclusive Ultimate Elite PT Certification is only run twice per year. Honestly if you don’t do the course you will regret it. I’ve been told by trainers that have undertaken the course they would have paid double or triple the cost of the course as it was that powerful!

USP - Matt Simons Plant - USP Certified Coach
Matt Simons Plant
USP Certified Coach

“Learning to believe in yourself and what your self-worth is, and once you get the right knowledge here at USP and you’re getting the same knowledge as trainers that are training professional AFL players, NRL players, Olympic athletes, Olympic swimmers, I mean, you’re getting the best knowledge of any training course in the country. This is the best training course in the country and for the price you’re gonna pay, which I still say to Joey is too cheap, but it’s really incredible value for money and I’m very, very, very, very grateful and very rapt that I’m here and I’ve completed this course.”

Because only 12 people will be accepted into the certification, you will have TONS
of individual attention and ALL your questions will be answered.

When was the last time you have heard of a certification course with only 12 people allowed in? Can you imagine how much more powerful this will be for you without being “lost in the crowd”? (What’s more I only run the Certification twice per year, if you don’t do this certification course you’ll be left behind and have to wait until next year to start living the dream!

No topic, question or conversation will be taboo during the course and you can expect my No Holds Barred Approach to Training and Business to be fully unleashed.

“Create Powerful Connections and Skyrocket Your Success”

This weekend will also allow you to make connections and create a powerful network with other Ultimate Personal Trainer Certified Coaches. This is one of the most powerful methods for increasing your success and I will reveal the Mastermind Principles you can use together with your newfound fellow colleagues to skyrocket success like never before.

USP - Mick Parks - USP Certified Coach
Mick Parks
USP Certified Coach

“Well the people I did the course with are some of my best mates now…we hang out on weekends, train together…so you meet a lot of good quality people in the course that all like to have fun, think alike and train and have the same passion as you so you cannot beat it. Definitely come to the course …you’ll have a lot of fun…you’ll regret it if you don’t or if you go somewhere else. You can’t beat it.”


The most successful people in the world, regardless of their field, understand and know the infinite power of surrounding themselves with like-minded people and creating Master Mind Groups. Just wait until you begin to experience this incredibly powerful phenomenon!

USP - Marie Grofski - USP Certified Coach
Marie Grofski
USP Certified Coach

“Joey has a sense of humour, so that just helped carry what he was teaching through. It got the message across really simply because he would tell a story associated with something, so not only were you learning the fact about something, but he had the story associated with it which helps to keep it in your brain cells, keep it in the brain. I can retain it and remember it, and the notes were good. But also how you explain things and the little stories you tell, that just made it sink into the brain and stay there.”

With your new community and colleagues, You will be surrounded by others who are positive, mentally and physically strong and focused on success. This alone will DOUBLE your success in business and the results your clients are about to receive!

USP - Matt Garland - USP Certified Coach
Matt Garland
USP Certified Coach

“It all comes back to the power of association. If you’re associated with people that are doing what you want to do and are in a life position that you want to be in eventually then you’re just going to end up there. There is no way that it’s not going to happen. Joey really, really emphasizes that in the course…the people you associate with, the people you train with, eat with, hang out with…they’re the people you’re going to end up like so you really want to be very picky I guess with the people you hang around with because you want to be associated with the best if you want to be the best.”

Like I said before, “Screw climbing the ladder of success.
That’s a bunch of CRAP! I say JUMP up the ladder of success!”

There will only a total of 11 others in attendance including yourself, just imagine the individual attention you will get with such a small number of people spending this incredible certification with you!

There will be handouts detailing the baseline workouts as well as the entire certifications curriculum.

USP - Marie Grofski - USP Certified Coach
Marie Grofski
USP Certified Coach

“I can retain it and remember it, and the notes were good. Understanding the exercises and what’s involved and the nutrition. Just everything involved with it, it was just a massive learning curve for me but I have absorbed it and I really feel I’m getting a really deep, good understanding of it.”

It is here where you can share success strategies & learn powerful business, marketing & training information to skyrocket your business with other Certified USP Trainers! This is priceless!

WARNING: Read VERY Carefully!!

It’s gonna take some SERIOUSLY hard work, lots of sweat and action, so let’s get this straight before we move any further: If you are NOT willing to bust your backside and take massive action with everything I teach you, don’t expect to become a success.

If either of these investments sound “too much” for you then you’re right, they are TOO expensive. One of the BIGGEST factors to your success is your attitude and the value you attach to your education and knowledge. But, if you’re smart, you’ll realize that these are SMALL investments that will bring about a lifetime of income.

If all you do is gain 1 new client for 2 or 3 months then you will have covered your Ultimate Personal Trainer Certification Investment! Now it’s time for you to take action follow your passion and boost your income OR go back to struggling and trying to figure it all out on your own. The choice to become a success is up to you.

USP - Marie Grofski - USP Certified Coach
Marie Grofski
USP Certified Coach

“Just do it! Just do it for yourself initially if you don’t necessary want it because you want a business, but just do it for your own growth, personal development and health and fitness. Learn for yourself, because then you can be the example to the other people. Know the real stuff, get the real information, not just bits and pieces here and there. Synchronise it all in one system because that’s where it was most powerful, that you get your results.”

If You’re Serious about Changing Your Life & Turning Your Passion into Profit,
Click HERE and get The Ultimate Personal Trainer Certification.

To pre-qualify for The Ultimate Personal Trainer Certification you must be able to afford the course.You must be committed to the 6 week course, no cancellations or rescheduling is allowed. No negativity. I want people ready to transform their life so bring your A game with a kick ass mind set!

What’s the investment for The Ultimate PT Certification Course?

The investment for the entire 6 week Business and Life Changing Ultimate Personal Trainer Certification Course, is $7,450 which is payable in full prior to starting the course.

USP - Matt Simons Plant - USP Certified Coach
Matt Simons Plant
USP Certified Coach

“The results that you’ve got with AFL players and world champions and, I mean, for the price we were paying here is as much as we’re paying at other places where the lecturers are okay but they are not training world champions, and that’s what I want to be involved with. The information you’ve given us has been incredible, the amount of information has been excellent. If you want the best results, go the best; if you want an average life, go to the average.”

We’ve made it that easy for you to enrol in this life changing course, we’ve even got easy finance options available that allow you to complete the Elite Certification Course for as little as $39 per week.

My Guarantee to You….

I’m 100% dedicated to your success and I also guarantee it.

That’s right, I guarantee, that after completing The Ultimate Personal Trainer Certification that you will increase the results you get from your clients ten-fold while making more money than ever before. If the Ultimate PT Certification course does not exceed your expectations I’ll refund your money back no questions back! The only thing I ask is that you show me that you have applied the information techniques and strategies that I have taught you.Have you ever heard of such a Bold Guarantee in the Personal Training Certification Industry? I doubt it. Why? Because I KNOW what I teach works. I have done it myself. I talk from experience!

NO more dreaming of your perfect life and perfect business. I’m gonna help you make it happen.

USP - Dan Rolfe - USP Certified Coach
Dan Rolfe
USP Certified Coach

“It doesn’t matter if you’re a professional athlete or just a couch bum who really wants to get in shape and change their whole attitude; if you’ve got the attitude, it’s there, he can do it. It doesn’t matter who you are, as long as you’ve got the attitude the door’s open; If you’re half-arsed, half-hearted don’t come here because there’s no point. Just do it, if you’re serious you need to do this course..only you can choose to go through it! The course is mind blowing. It’s more than sets reps and programs it’s helped me out with every other aspect of my life…it’s definitely exceeded my expectations!”

This is THE Blueprint you want and need if you plan on becoming a World Class Personal trainer and want to dominate the market. Now is the time to step up your game and begin your journey. Stop pussy footing around and holding yourself back. Seriously, it’s time to let go of your fear and take the leap towards excellence.

You don’t need to be built like Arnold Schwarzenegger or as smart as Bill Gates to do the course. All you need is a strong desire to want to help people and the ambition to create the business and lifestyle of your dreams!

USP - Marie Grofski - USP Certified Coach
Marie Grofski
USP Certified Coach

“It’s a whole new world. Like, 30s are great, 40s and 50s are like awesome slog, and then 60s was like oh, everything’s heading downhill. Now it’s just, like, straight up. So it’s like waking up and just doing stuff. Age was an issue before, but suddenly it’s like “Hey, this is my best marketing tool now”. I’m going out there and I hope I can be a shining light and say “Look, guys, you can do this. Here I was and here I am now. I can show you. I can just show you that life can be good”. I know where I’m going now, I know where I’m heading and I know what I’m gonna do.”

You deserve it, and so do those you Coach.

Dedicated to your success,

Joey Hayes

Strength & Conditioning Specialist

CEO – Ultimate Sports Performance

+614 38 54 50 58

Call us immediately on +614 38 54 50 58 to secure your position in the certification. I don’t know if and when I’ll be holding another Elite PT Certification again. With only 12 positions available there’s a strong chance they’ve already Sold Out….But Call NOW you never know your luck, there may still be a place for you!!

P.S. This certification has the potential to bring you ten times or much more than the cost. In fact truth be told –what you will learn during the certification is skills for a lifetime! You will learn Advanced Program Design Secrets used by Elite Athletes, Elite Coaching Methods and Techniques, World Class Marketing and Sales Strategies to maximise your Business and Training Results! How much is that worth to you? Or more importantly- how much is it worth to have the life and career of your dreams?

** Please Note **

There will be NO refunds for cancellations. If you are planning to attend you must be fully committed for the 12 weeks duration of the course.

2016 Certification Dates
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Wednesday, 28th September to Friday, 16th December 2016
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*** I’m sure you have a lot of questions for me so check out the VERY Important FAQs below ***

1) Do I need to own a gym to be able to take advantage of The USP Certification Course?
Answer: No. This was VERY important for me because I began my business from the trunk of my car and in my parents garage. I created a successful business without the use of a “Real Gym” and I wanted to make this option more powerful for you in case you run boot camps or wanted to operate your business inside an existing health club, fitness centre, etc.

2) What type of “training system” will we learn at the USP Course?
Answer: You will learn the exact blue print of what a new client will experience when he / she becomes a member of The USP Gym all the way through how they advance through the systematized training phases in our gym.

You’re getting my A – Z Blue Print and you will even be training my athletes during the certification Course giving you a REAL taste of what it’s like to be “In Business”!

You can also tweak the programs to better suit your clientele, the equipment available and space available if you choose to, but the systems you’re about to learn allow you to run your business smoothly, effectively and with amazing results.

A Fitness Business without a system in place is guaranteed to run you into the ground and eventually fail. The business and training system you’re about to discover will make it very easy for you to organize workouts which create amazing results as well as an amazing business that pulls in high profit. In addition, your clients will be happier because of their impressive results, in turn, being more likely to refer others to you.

3) Will we learn any business or marketing during the USP Certification course?
Answer: Absolutely! No matter how much you love what you do, you must learn how to get people in your gym to experience what you do. Loving what you do is not enough to get people coming after what you do. I’m sure you love training and I’m sure you have realized that loving what you do is simply not enough to create a high profit business. If you want the phone ringing off the hook and your door being flooded with new prospects who are highly qualified to train with you then you must have a training program that provides incredible results (which you’re about to learn with us) as well as a marketing system that continually brings you highly qualified prospects. You’ll learn how to use online and off line marketing methods to get your business earning profit from the very get go.

You’ll learn how to use our training system to effectively communicate with prospects about what it is they need to do to become a member of your program.

4) Will we receive any support from you as a USP Trainer/Coach?
Answer: Yes! In more ways than one! You will have a link on our main page,, directing back to your web site. I receive countless e mails asking for locations of other USP Gyms and Trainers. This will make it easy for people to find you and take advantage of your training.

You will also be part of a mastermind group with other USP trainers allowing you to share and trade effective training and marketing methods as well as support each other in all aspects of your business. There will also be a members only section where you can download various business / marketing materials to help you grow your business FAST as we keep you educated and up to date on the most effective marketing methods. We want you to succeed and this means giving you the ammunition you need. How successful you become will depend on how hard you work and how consistently you apply the training and business systems you’re about to learn.

5) What do I receive as part of the Certification Course?
Answer: During the certification you will learn and receive our training AND business systems that will help you create a successful business. You will learn EXACTLY what to do when a client walks in your doors, how to progress them properly through each of our training phases and how to incorporate business and training together. In a nutshell, you are getting my exact systems blue print as to how I train, manage and market The USP Gym Headquarters and how you can take these very exact systems and simply plug and play them for a 6 figure business.

6) How much money will I make running an USP Certified Facility?
Answer: Awesome question. You can build your business into a 6 figure per year business even if it runs part time (5 days a week, 4 hrs per day). Those who follow the business and training systems and work VERY hard at creating an awesome experience and marketing their gym or boot camp nonstop will be the most successful and should build a full time income through their gym. I also understand some people simply want an added income doing something they love while only working an extra 1 or 2 hours a day with their fitness business on the side. You can add a VERY nice added income to your current salary if you have a full time job as well and simply want to run an USP type boot camp several times a week for 1 or 2 hours a day.

7) How long will it take for my business to be up and running?
Answer: Once you attend the USP Certification Course and complete all the assigned tasks. Workbook, Practical Assessments and Practical Coaching Experience. You will be ready to have your business rolling using The USP Certification Brand as long as you have your business incorporated, insurance and liability covered. This process takes upwards of 6-12 weeks. Depending on time you can dedicate to your practical experience. How long it takes you to take action to get clients, market, etc depends on you and only you.

8) What training support do you give us to keep us up to date with the latest training methods?
Answer: As an Ultimate PT Certified Trainer you will have FREE membership to – there are new videos and articles posted weekly and every day in the private forum you can see the workouts used at The USP Gym in Miami so you can simply “plug and play” those workouts if they fit your clientele.

9) How long will my USP Certification Course last for?
Answer: The course is 12 weeks in duration and runs from Wednesday to Friday from 6am-9pm.
Your license is good for 1 year starting from the date of your license course. You will have the option to renew at the same rate as before.

10) How much does the Course Cost?
Answer: $6100.00 if paid in full. If you’re serious and don’t have the money-There’s even a payment plan of $84 per week.

11) Is there a physical or written test that I need to prepare for before attending your USP Course?
Answer: The physical test is ongoing through your 6 weeks certification course as you will be performing the majority of your course certification “Hands On”. You will be going through workouts yourself, coaching each other through workouts and also coaching some of my athletes through workouts. Your ability to perform as a Coach and be in excellent physical condition is not something I take lightly and neither should you. You should be able to represent health and fitness at a high standard. There are multiple course components including short answer questions etc. But your ability to improve and demonstrate competency in your ability to effective coach and perform will be the most highly weighted assessment.

Not many people can make it happen but I’m gonna show you how you CAN do it.

What the hell are you waiting for!?! …..

If You’re Serious about Changing Your Life & Turning Your Passion into Profit You Must Book NOW…

Course places are limited to 12 people!

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