It’s been highlighted that the majority of content I write, video or produce is positive. Well all that’s about to change. Studies have concluded that the majority (80%) of people are what we refer to as moving away people. Basically they learn and are motivated by moving away from pain for example these people often train so they don’t miss out on getting picked in the team.

The other 20% are moving towards or positively geared people. Basically they are motivated by moving towards their goals. For example, they train in order to get picked on the team. Moving away people are motivated to move away from pain. Moving towards people are motivated to move towards their goals.

So to cater to the 80% I have written 10 ways to fail as a USP athlete-check out the article below:

1. Miss sessions. A lack of consistent training stimulus is a sure fire way to fail to achieve your goals.

2. Don’t record or keep a record of your sets, reps and weights. Again it’s an awesome way to make sure you don’t know if you’re progressing or not!!

3. Don’t complete your nutritional analysis or complete your compliancy grid. Or do it once and forget about it! Especially if you complain about not gaining muscle or losing fat!! After all, it’s your coaches fault that you’re not losing or gaining weight. Because losing weight or gaining muscle-has nothing to do with the other 167 hours away from the USP facility in terms of the exercise you do, food you consume and recovery processes you undertake!

4. Train with lacklustre intensity, fail to break a sweat and go thru the motions. Training like this is a guaranteed way to ensure you get virtually no progress! While we are at-make sure you do F45 and Crossfit as it’s cool and trending on instagram with all the C grade models doing it!! I mean they had 1 session there and had there picture taken in front of the F45 wall! I mean they certainly didn’t look like that before F45, nothing to do with genetics, eating disorders or photoshop! It’s great, because there is no assessment, every session is different so you don’t know if you’re improving or not!! But stuff it, it’s fun and hell, the instructor yells out at the top of their lungs-I mean it’s hard, so it must be a great sesh hey!!  F45 and Crossfit are just like bootcamps were 10 years ago, and then who could forget boxercise in the early 90’s and wait for it the swiss ball balance revolution in early 2000!! When you’ve been in the industry as long as I have you’d want to tear your hair out-as to how gullible people are. I guess that’s why I’ve stuck with the stuff I know that works. It may not be trendy, but results never get boring and they certainly never go out of fashion!!

5. Don’t complete any of the additional training sessions you said you would whilst away from our USP training facility. We know if you are not doing your scheduled home strength or flexibility program-because results are slower than we expect.

6. Definitely don’t do your flexibility work. It’s a great way to perpetuate injuries and remember we want to keep physio in business so be sure to never do it. Your coach wrote it out because they want to see you waste time doing lame flexibility exercises.

7. Make sure you do not follow the dietary protocols!! I mean after all following the USP nutritional protocols is a sure fire recipe to add muscle, accelerate recovery, get energy, get lean and take your performance to another level!

8. Do not do any form Of recovery at all! I mean who wants to reduce soreness, accelerate progress, between sessions and competition? Certainly not elite athletes or those with goals to achieve!!

9. Blame other people for mistakes, misfortunes and misgiving. That means it’s your coaches fault, parents fault, teachers fault. Actually, it’s the coaches fault!! You’re perfect and never make a mistake!

10. Spend all your waking hours on social media and try to gain approval from people you’ve never met! Remember put your selfies on these pages so people know you are a hardcore exercise freak!! It’s a sure fire way to boost your self esteem! And while you’re at it-remember to follow the latest meat head with the largest social media following-even buy his online diet and training programs that are the program for everyone regardless of your goal, experience or ability. I mean it makes perfect sense. I mean the fact he is an internet coach, whom has amazing photoshop skills, takes selfies and has no clients, no qualifications an no real world results, coupled with the fact you’ve never even met him before-means they are definitely a legitimate source of information and motivation because they post cool motivation quotes and look good with their shirt off-just remember to ask him if he uses anabolic steroids as you’d definitely want to make sure you are following the advice correctly-with all the supplements he sells and injects himself!!!

Geez it was hard for me to actually write in such a negative condescending manner. But hey, who knows, maybe the 80% of people get it! Oh yes and if you want world class results like these athletes here-you may want to do the opposite because that’s what they did!!

Stay tuned for next weeks article titled 10 things athletes MUST Do to achieve world class results!

All the best,

Joey Hayes

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