1. Have integrity-be a person of your word. Do what you said you were going to do! In other words never miss training sessions. Consistency in life is the key to progression!

2. Record your sets, reps, weights on your training program. This ensures the coach can see your progression and make adjustments when necessary.

3. Complete your nutritional analysis immediately upon receiving the coaches report with your food log. The nutrition information will guarantee 80% of your results. You must be aware of what you put in your mouth and impact it has upon performance and body composition.

4. Train to gain! In other words, work at the appropriate and optimal intensity to achieve a result. The question to ask yourself is, am I better than I was during my last training session? The answer should always be yes! You should be a little stronger, faster, heavier or lighter depending on your goals.

5. Be honest with yourself and coaches and complete the assigned training sessions away from the facility. 1 session per week will elicit a result but performing the additional sessions away from the USP Gym will yield a superior result in quicker time!

6. You must perform the flexibility that is on your training program and 97% of you will need to perform it at home as well. The link between flexibility and imbalances and injuries is well established. Keep out of the physios room and become a better athlete!

7. Follow the USP dietary protocols-they have been developed over 17 years of trial and error! We have perfected the system so that regardless of age or goal it will assist you with your goals whether it be fat loss, muscle gain, enhanced blood chemistry, accelerated recovery-even focus concentration and brain function.

8. Follow the USP recovery protocols manual. Target the type of fatigue based on symptoms with a specific recovery protocol to enhance training progress made between sessions and competitions.

9. Live in OAR-Take Ownership and Accept Responsibility for the outcomes in your life. Get rid of BED-Blame Excuses and Denial. By doing so will allow you live an empowered life!

10. Be confident in who you are and what you stand for. Don’t feel the need for social approval. The only opinions that matter are those of your immediate family and friends. They know who you are and will support you with whatever it is you want to achieve!

Ahh that feels better to write in a more positive light in terms of what is required to be elite.

All the best,

Joey Hayes