Cliff Notes Version of the Get Healthier to Get Wealthier!

I was fortunate enough to be invited as a guest speaker to present to the Aussie QLD franchisees Transformation 15 Business event last week!

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Its fantastic to see that Aussie are not just interested in the health and profitability of their franchisee businesses but also the health and wellness of their Aussie Franchisees staff members…

What else would you expect from a true leader in the field and the reason they are one the leading home loan Franchise organizations in the country”

Health and wealth

So without further adieu here’s the cliff notes version of the presentation!

Being healthier can be an asset and make you more money at work or in your business!

After almost a decade of working exclusively with junior elite and professional athletes, I began to receive more enquiries from elite business people that were after the edge and wanted to basically get gold medal health and wellness!

The assumption from elite business people was that if he worked with elite athletes whose livelihoods (income-sponsorships and contracts) depend upon their physical health and wellness what sort of results could he get for regular business people?

Sydney Swans Superstar Puts His Faith and Trust In Joey Hayes and USP to increase his value as an athlete and ultiamtely get a larger contract.Sydney Swans Superstar Puts His Faith and Trust In Joey Hayes and USP to perform better, stay healthy and injury free and increase his value as an athlete and ultimately get a larger contract.

The health and wellness benefits received from business people after undertaking Joey’s programs:

  1. Increased Confidence!
  2. Improved Blood Markers!
  3. Reduced Stress!
  4. Increased Libido!
  5. Enhanced Sports Performance!
  6. Improved Sleep!
  7. Reduced Pain from Injuries!

Increased bottom line and more generated cash from their businesses whilst undertaking Joey’s programs!

Increased cash and financial success in business through EFC

  1. Energy
  2. Focus
  3. Clarity


Costs and risk factors for poor health

  1. Cancer
  2. Heart Disease
  3. Diabetes
  4. Joint Pain
  5. Obesity
  6. Stress


Economic Costs to business and family due to:

  1. Time off work
  2. Costs for disease/ailment treatment
  3. Emotional stress on family from poor health of family member

 Business concepts applied to health and fitness

  1. Test and measure to develop program and see results
  2.  Health and fitness Plan taking into account Strength, Weaknesses, Threats, Lifestyle etc.
  3. Systemise exercise and nutrition to meet goals
  4. MED (Minimal Effective Dosage) (smallest dosage to elicit greatest improvements)
  5. Kaizen (Small incremental improvements over a large period of time lead to massive improvements over a large period of time)
  6. Law of least effort (Least amount of effort to get the biggest change in results)
  7. Leverage and Outsource to Experts (Use other peoples’ skills, other peoples’ knowledge, other peoples’ time to accelerate your results) an example would be hiring an elite coach to help fast track your results and progress!

The link between health and wealth is undeniable.


They don’t have to be separate, they can be achieved simultaneously!

The question is how much do you spend on your health and wealth and body?

How much do you spend on your car??

What quality of life do you want?

The choice is yours!

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All the best,

Joey Hayes