With today R U OK day I thought Id briefly write about the relationship between mental health problems, depression and mood disorders which may stem from poor gut and digestive health. I credit functional medicine specialist Dr Ken Johnson with informing me about the relationship between gut health, brain function and mood back in 2007.

The scientific research and my own practical experience suggests poor gut health can adversely affect neurotransmitter production resulting in depression, brain fog, lethargy and reduced levels of motivation.

Lance Franklin R U OK?

With many high profile athletes succumbing to mental health problems now seems to be the ideal time to outline a few of the keys to improve mental health without resorting to Anti-depressant drugs when they are only masking the problem and not actually fixing the source of the disease. Whilst many people suggest simply taking a probiotic or eating fermented foods which is great starting point but may not address the underlying cause of the problem. The key is to ascertain the current population of gut flora that currently resides in ones body.

Fermented Foods Probiotics

Dr. Henry Butt (Great name I know) of Bioscreen medical Australia has developed a FMA (Fecal Microbial Assay) which can be used to great effect to determine current population of gut flora in comparison to ideal ratios. With the hard scientific data and results from the FMA testing we can target the specific gut flora with a combination of specific anti-biotic strains to reduce certain gut flora, mutaflor and nutrition protocols designed to increased or reduce specific gut flora to ensure optimal gut function digestion and performance.

Lab Testing FMA Gut Flora Analysis

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