This is a page dedicated to questions asked by parents and athletes attending the AFL Camp.

Q: How can I feel more confident, sometimes I don’t back myself?
A: It’s been a question for the ages-where does confidence come from? How can I get confidence? Does it take success to build confidence or are you just born confident? It’s been my experience that most athletes need success to gain confidence. 1. We do this through superior preparation-this gives you confidence knowing you’ve done the work and your body can handle whatever comes its way! 2. We have small wins during our training, hitting PB’s, getting stronger and faster…all improves our athletes confidence.

Courtney Hancock and AFLW star Katie Brennan gaining confidence by Training the house down at the USP Gymnasium off-season!

Q: What do you recommend your athletes eat for breakfast?
A: For the last decade we have been experimenting with a meat, nuts and berries breakfast.
Sounds odd I know but there is a valid reason and a tonne of results to support it. The saying that breakfast is the most important meal of the day is so very true. Not only will it set your neurotransmitters for the remainder of the day, it will also give you supreme energy and focus. If you want to be productive, perform at an elite level make sure you don’t skip breakfast. Our athletes breakfast samples are as follows:

Meat and Nuts Breakfast Day 1
• 1–2 Buffalo meat patties
• 1 handful of macadamia nuts
• 1 handful of blueberries

Meat and Nuts Breakfast Day 2
• 1 large venison steak
• 1 handful of cashew nuts
3 strawberries

Meat and Nuts Breakfast Day 3
• 1–2 Lean turkey burgers
• 1 handful of walnuts
• 1 handful of blackberries

Meat and Nuts Breakfast Day 4
• 1–2 lean ground beef patties
• 1 handful of brazil nuts
• 1 handful of raspberries

Meat and Nuts Breakfast Day 5
• 1–2 chicken breasts
• 1 handful of hazelnuts
• 1 handful of olives

Meat and Nuts Breakfast Day 6
• 1-2 Kangaroo Steaks
• 1 handful of pistachios
• 1/4 avocado

Meat and Nuts Breakfast Day 7
• 150-300 grams salmon
• 1 handful of almonds
1 handful of goji berries

Q: I find it hard to gain weight; have you got any suggestions?
A: Are you following the 9 Rules for nutrition success? If yes add another meal each day. This should ensure you are in a calorie surplus which will allow you to build muscle. AFL Superstar Kurt Tippett was a big proponent of the meat and nuts breakfast!

Kurt Tippett Before and After Pics Pre-Season with Joey Hayes 2014-2015

Q: Any ideas as to what can I snack on between meals?
A: Generally you want something non-perishable, easily accessible, easily digestible-I recommend the USE of our athletic superfood protein bars, powders. Another idea is biltong or jerky. High quality nutrients that can be consumed anywhere, anytime. Click here to purchase from the store.

Q: My speed test results were not to my liking, how can I improve them?
A: Simple-get stronger, get leaner, improve running technique/biomechanics. This article has some of my best tips to get quicker.

Q: I’ve missed out on making the rep team, Im worried this means I won’t have a chance to get drafted?
A: Elite recruiting manager Ryan Kogelman said it best when he spoke to our tribe members that, “If you’re good enough you’ll get drafted, there have been plenty of athletes that have been drafted that never made a rep team” By all means do your best to make the team but don’t get disheartened or discouraged if you miss out.

All the best,

Joey  Hayes