ThumbWho else wants to attend our AFL High Performance Camps for free???

Before I let you know how you can train for FREE. I’d like to share a quick story with you….With tears in his eyes, the young athlete said, ‘Joey I got some bad news…My mother has Cancer…She can no longer work…So in between school and training I’ll be working as much as I can to support her and my little sister..I can’t afford to train with you….

Now, to this day this is the single most talented young athlete I have seen
set foot in the PIT. This athlete also displayed the key character traits
expected of a STRONG MAN!

I said, “I understand, given your financial situation, supporting your family,
school and work…I’ll sponsor you….so you can continue your training….but
if your effort enthusiasm and intensity wanes or you miss sessions the deals off….

He said, ‘No Joey, I can’t accept your generous offer as it goes against my core
values. I could never take something for nothing. I said, “Look don’t worry about it, I believe you have the ability to be a world class athlete and what comes around goes around”.

The athlete said, I don't believe in getting something for nothing!
The athlete said, I don’t believe in getting something for nothing!

He looked up and his entire demeanor changed….with a steely gaze in his
eyes he said I will repay you….and then some.. I thought nothing of it…after all people make outlandish comments all the time and never follow through with them…or so I thought…

ZZ,,,,BBBUUUUUZZZZZZZ……what the hell is that noise? I wake up and look outside my window and see someone in my yard cutting the lawns and fixing up the gardens…..“What are you doing” I enquired? It’s the athlete…..”I know you hate gardening, so I’m just tidying it up for you and I will continue to do so every week until I can afford to pay you”. This went on almost weekly for 6 months….until the athlete became a full time professional.

Whats going on...who's cutting my grass?
Whats going on…who’s cutting my grass?

On the day he secured his first contract, he said, that without the training, he
would never have made it…..he said he trained even harder because he was
supporting himself and wanted to make…every set, rep and session count…

I remember checking my bank balance a few days later and something was
amiss…..there was a rather large deposit in my bank account…from none
other than this athlete….

It’s funny when I hear kids say they can’t afford training or they can’t get their
homework done or they can’t get a job because they are too busy……busy
doing what?

Too busy watching TV to get a job!
Too busy watching TV to get a job!

Playing x-box or facebook, when I think of this young athlete and
what he went through in order to live out his dreams and support his family….
It makes any excuses I hear really look poor and pathetic.

I digress….

How can you attend our AFL High Performance Camp for Free in 2019…

Simple…if you are or you know someone that desperately wants to attend
Strongman or our Female AFL High Performance Camps and displays
Strongman and empowered female characteristics yet Financial Limitations
or transport limitations may restrict them from attending Strongman please
forward them this email.

To obtain the Strongman Scholarship or the Female High Performance Camp
Scholarship  you can attend our camp as a sponsored guest, simply email Jess your story about why you should receive the Strongman Scholarship.
It is people that have Strong character that are willing to push through
pain and make things happen regardless of their circumstances that
we want down at Strongman and Female AFL High Performance Camps.

There is no strings attached, you won’t be expected to cut my grass,
it is solely an opportunity to attend as a deserving guest.

If you haven’t already registered click highlighted links to find out more about Strongman Camp or our Female AFL High Performance Camps.

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Stay Strong and Committed!

Joey Hayes