AFL Camp Special Guests World Class Triathlete Travis Coleman and Australian Boomers Basketball Ball Rep Matt Hodgson

It was eye opening experience for many AFL High Performance Camp Members listening to World Class Triathlete Travis Coleman and Australian Boomers Basketball Ball Rep Matt Hodgson share their insights otherwise known as our Chats with Champions Elite Athlete Forum!

  1. Trav spoke about his lack of success as a junior athlete, coming 26th at the state titles when he was 15 to continue training to become the Australian champion a few years later!
  2. Trav spoke about the challenges of being bullied at school and using sport as an outlet to develop his self esteem and to be better at something than the bullies were.
  3. Trav discussed his vegetarian diet and how it works for him.
World Class Triathlete Trav Coleman AFL Camp Special Guest
  1. Trav discussed his training schedule which is upwards of 30 hours per week in the off-season and also his recovery. For every 1 hour of training, he performs 1 hour of recovery like P3, Saunas, Recovery pants, Supplements, Ice baths and Yoga.
  2. Trav also spoke about his near death competitive experiences such as convulsing in Mexico and taking his body temperature up to 42’ degrees whilst competing.
Trav Coleman Competing for Australia
  1. The biggest take away from Travs’ chat was about when athletes hit the wall physically and mentally. Trav believes you can simply keep pushing past..he said yes you hit the wall once, go again, hit the wall again and play mental mind games with yourself to see how far you can push your body. If Trav hasn’t thrown up or passed out-he doesn’t feel he is training hard enough!
  2. How you do anything, is how you do everything! That can be said for both sport and school work and equal effort should be applied to both.

Trav Coleman AFL Camp Group Picture


Matty Hodgson Magic 7 Tips

  1. Matty used his sport prowess as a vehicle to get a free education aka his College Scholarship in the USA.
  2. Matty plays best when he divides his focus between both sporting and academic excellence. Balancing out his Brisbane Bullets games and training with his Psychology degree!

    Matt Hodgson Australian Boomers Basketball Rep training with Joey Hayes at USP
  3. Matty is a massive proponent of the aspen grove analogy meaning you are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with in terms of health, performance, mindset, happiness, wealth, morals, ethics and values!

    Matt Hodgson Dunk Whilst Playing for Australia
  4. Matts Dad was the guiding light who told him to pull his head in and stop behaving in a less than manly manner when it came to receiving feedback from his college coaches.
  5. Matt overcame massive adversity it was his closest friends and family that were the ones supporting him thru these challenging times.

    Matt Hodgson with a signed Bullets basketball jersey proudly displayed in the USP Gym Hall of Fame!
  6. Matt believes that hard works will always beat talent. When you have elite talent and work hard you get Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan type results!!
  7. Matt is always looking for ways to gain the advantage as he wants to maximise his full potential.

All the best,

Joey Hayes