Through my experience many people, athletes included, find it challenging to
maintain structure and order with their nutrition.

I’ve outlined my best tips I’ve personally used and those that my international athletes implement. Follow these tips to ensure you comeback leaner fitter and stronger after the Christmas New Year period!

Here’s my top 7 tips to control carbohydrate cravings:

1. Plan Meals in Advance. This enables you to not be pressured into eating something at work, home, or with friends you know can affect your diet, not to mention blood sugar levels.

2. Cheat Dieting. If you get an uncontrollable urge to eat a carb, create a diet where you get one cheat meal every fifth or sixth day.

3. Backup Food Packing. Make sure to always pack a healthy snack in your purse or gym bag and or car. Keeping a serving of athletic superfood, bigboy biltong or veggies will ensure blood sugar levels don’t dip too low.

USP Athletic Superfood and Bigboy Biltong

USP Athletic Superfood and Bigboy Biltong

4. Take In Enough B Vitamins. Individuals with low levels of B vitamins are more likely to have carbohydrate cravings, particularly women who have symptoms of PMS.

5. Use vinegar or lemon juice to decrease glycemic index of meals and to reduce the insulin spike.

6. Use pro-biotics to help reduce body fat and keep your gut healthy.

7. Use multi-vitamins to reduce body fat-free radical load throughout body when toxins are released reducing body fat

The next 7 tips are tips that I use when I eat out at restaurants.

8. Get your psychology sorted understand that eating at restaurants doesn’t mean you have to forgo your nutrition goals.

9. To minimise risk of over indulging-eat a small pre-prepared meal prior to lunch/Dinner.

10. Order lean proteins and ask for salads and vegetables instead of fries.

11. Have fish oils after the meal to reduce the insulin spike.

Biotest Flameout

Fish oils are great for minimising fat gain after a cheat meal!

12. Drink water or choose low calorie beverages like green tea.

13. You don’t have to order from the menu you can ask the chef to make the food you require if you use a little charm with the waitress I’m sure you can get something that meets needs.

14. Have a solid training session prior to the restaurant meal, that way your body will be craving the nutrients and the calorie intake from restaurant meal will be mitigated.

Matty Parks World Champion Martial Artist uses massive training sessions prior to restaurant meals to keep in perfect condition!

Matty Parks World Champion Martial Artist uses massive training sessions prior to restaurant meals to keep in perfect condition!

With my coaching and travel schedule flying interstate and or overseas its sometimes challenging to eat to maintain my health and performance goals.

Here’s my 10 best tips when travelling briefly interstate.

1. 5 P’s. Prior Planning Prevents Poor Performance. Scope out the hotel you’re staying at and ascertain where the healthy restaurants are located. A good tip is to ask the concierge. The internet has a host of tools that rate restaurants.

2. Arrange for the hotel to have a kitchen so you can cook if need be.

Hotel Kitchen

A Kitchen in your hotel room can make adhering to your nutrition plan much easier!

3. Pre-shipping food to your hotel. Load up a medium sized cold shipping box with all your ingredients you require (meat, chicken, eggs, water, protein, cooking pans, sprays, condiments etc.) and it will be at your hotel by the time you arrive. No need to find grocery stores now. Although it appears pricey you end up saving on money and costs associated with time travel and restaurants in the end.

4. The Big Esky. It can keep your clothes on one side and suit on the other!

Joeys Big Esky, Supplement case and Suit Case on a recent trip to Melbourne.

Joeys Big Esky filled with food, Supplement suit case on a recent trip to Melbourne.

5. What’s on the menu-if the restaurants close to your hotel don’t have any downloadable menus you can call them to ask and find out if it is to your liking and tastes.

6. You don’t have to order from the menu, they can make stuff for you based upon your likings!

7. Athletic Superfood/Protein supplements-can be great to have easily accessible protein on the road!

Athletic Superfood is the perfect meal (combining protein and veggies) for travelling, great tasting, convenient, easily accessible, to have anywhere, anytime!

8. Green and veggies supplements-can be great as well if you’re lacking fruits and veggies on the road.

9. Homemade bars are another great alternative for when you’re travelling on the road.

10. Sleep supplements-can be of great benefit when on the road in unfamiliar environments. ZMA, melatonin, reishi and lions mane work great for this!

All the best for the festive season,

Joey Hayes