I’m curious by nature…I’m always questioning why….or asking how……I’m always observing…always learning…always applying..

Always trialing and developing new techniques like a mad scientist…

And sometimes you feel like Einstein when you stumble upon an equation that has the capacity to change the world…( or maybe not??)

15 years at the coal face of elite sport, pushing the boundaries of human performance…I’ve developed what I feel is the equation for world class results! So check it out below…

The equation for world class results is as follows:

The right knowledge (Elite Coaching Expertise, training and nutrition programs) +

Parental Support (Financial, emotional support and encouragement) +

Athlete adherence (athlete follows the training program, athlete follows the nutrition program, athlete follows recovery and injury prevention protocols=

Athlete receives world class results.

That’s enough Maths for today…

Here’s one of our younger USP PIT Athlete members that followed the equation to perfection.

Alex Rayner Transformation

Alex Rayner 1st USP PIT Session

Alex Rayner Before THE PIT

Alex Rayner 3 months  later

Alex Rayner 3 months Later

Alex receiving his USP Singlet for reaching his goal of 10kg in 10 weeks!

Alex Receiving his USP Singlet with USP Head Coach Joey Hayes

Alex Rayner Before and After Pics
Alex Rayner Before and After Pics

So follow the equation;

Elite Coaching Expertise + Parental Support + Athlete Adherence = World Class Results!

All the best

Joey Hayes