Do you aspire to play AFL in the National Womens AFL League???

Wanted serious committed female athletes that want to take their AFL Football to another level and get the advantage over their opposition.

If You Want to Run Faster, Jump Higher, Build Muscle, Hit Harder, Get Ripped and Ultimately Become a Great Athlete This May Be The Most Important Information You Ever Read.


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I’m Going To Ask You Bluntly:

• What would it be like to know you are the BEST PREPARED ATHLETE on the field?
• What would it be like to Never Ever Lack Confidence Again?
• How would it feel to finally Make that Representative Team you’ve been overlooked for?
• Or Never be the Bench Warmer Again?
• How about a Fully Paid Sporting Scholarship to the school of your choice?
• Even, getting Picked up By a Professional Team?
• How good would it feel to finally get the Recognition AND Respect of your coach, rep selectors and your teammates?

Piper Phelan AFL Gold Coast junior Player of the year!

Piper Phelan
“I’ve been involved with Joeys high performance female training program for the past 3 years. In this time my strength, speed and football have improved. Which allows me to be more confident on the footy field resulting in the AFL Gold Coast Junior Player of the Year! I’d recommend Joey and his programs to anyone that wants to get better!”

Imagine if Every Aspect of your Training, Recovery, Nutrition, Flexibility, Strength, Speed, Cardio was Taken Care Of, with No Guess Work Involved?

• You would simply Dominate, Crush and Deny your Adversaries in Competition
• What would it be like to know that You Have an Expert with a Proven Track Record of Success with Every Athlete he has Ever Coached, right Beside You Every Step of the Way?
• And that Only You had Access to this Specialised Expertise?
• What would happen to your Sports Performance…How Great Could You Be?
• Who would Have the Unfair Advantage?
• What if gaining an UNFAIR ADVANTAGE was easier than you think?

Who do you trust your body and performance with?

Joey Hayes has a Proven Track Record of Success Producing World Class Results with Hundreds of Athletes for more than 17 years. He is intimately aware that females need a different approach to training, generic cookie cutter training programs or male training programs superimposed on females is a recipe for disaster! Click here to find out how Joeys training for females is vastly different compared to training males.

Introducing the Elite AFL Female High Performance Training Program

7 Reasons to join the Elite AFL Female High Performance Training Program

  1. Developing Lung Busting Endurance, Super Human Strength from head to toe!
  2. Develop Lightening Speed, Blistering Acceleration and Unstoppable Agility!
  3. Keep Injury and Pain Free, Rehabilitate Old Injuries and Stay Healthy for a life time!
  4. Become a Bigger…Powerful…Dominant…Intimidating…Mentally Tough Footballer!
  5. Overcoming your Physical and Mental Weaknesses with Unstoppable Confidence!
  6. Precise Football Skills!
  7. Turn your body into a Lethal Tackling Machine regardless of your Size, Height or
Western Bulldogs AFL Star Katie Brennan working on her hand skills at The USP Strongman Camp in 2013

Katie Brennan
“The time I spent training with USP and Joey Hayes turned my dreams of becoming
a professional AFL player into reality. It laid the foundations for the footballer and
person I am today! I learned so much about the key pillars of high performance
and developed more strength, power and confidence in my ability than ever before!
Joeys knowledge and wisdom is infectious and he is a true leader in his field! If you
are currently the best in your sport or simply want to make a team. Joeys training
programs will make you better!!!”

What else do you receive?

  1. Remarkable insights on how to become a more confident footballer!
  2. The key techniques to improve running technique and acceleration!
  3. Secret warm up methods to prepare the mind and body for elite performance!
  4. How the elite AFL players implement recovery and regeneration secrets to
    rapidly accelerate training progress!
  5. Nutrition tips to accelerate recovery, increase energy and muscle and reduce fat!
  6. Access to highly qualified experienced coaching staff to leapfrog your
  7. Access to highly qualified experienced skills coaching staff to leapfrog your
  8. Recovery and Regeneration Secrets to Rapidly Accelerate your Training Progress!
  9. Empowering Life skills and character traits to make you successful for the rest of your life!
Georgia Brehmer Sunsets Captain QLD U/18 AFL Rep

Georgia Brehmer
“Training in the USP PIT gymnasium has been one of the best investments I have made to help better my footy. The past few years I have been able to reach new levels within all elements of the game. Joey’s personalised programs have helped me become fitter, faster and stronger which is what I need to get the edge over my competitors. I was accepted into the USP PIT Gymnasium after attending the strongman 2016 training camp and also was inspired seeing all of the successful athletes Joey has previously coached. Training with Joey has ensured I am the best prepared in every aspect of the game both physically and mentally. I would highly recommend the investment into the USP PIT gymnasium if you are serious about any sport-as Joey Hayes is the Best in the Business”.


We are Very Selective of Who we Let In The Program & we Do Not Accept Every Athlete Into our Program!
We ONLY Accept the Most Dedicated, Committed and Disciplined Hardest Working Athletes That Have a Relentless Passion To Become The Best They Can Be In All Aspects of their Life Both On and Off The Field!

Click here to contact us now to apply for a position.

What do other females say about the Female AFL Elite High Performance Training Program?