In the last 2 weeks I’ve been inundated with emails and questions regarding the Netflix documentary game changers.

For those that aren’t aware, game changers is a compelling mockumentary promoting vegan plant based lifestyle and benefits..

It takes a biased unbalanced view to lead viewers down the path with people pushing their own agendas which usually involve financial gain?

I’ll break down some of the most idiotic claims the documentary makes.

Having been involved in the health and performance industry nearing 20 years I have seen many dietary and exercise fads come and go!

The aerobics fad
The Swiss ball fad
The boxercise fad
The bootcamp fad
Pilates fad
Yoga fad
HIIT fad
The functional training fad
The kettlebell fad
Balance stability fad

Dietary fads
Low fat diet
High fat diet
Paleo diet
High carb diet
Low carb diet
Zone diet
Adkins diet
Primal eating
Ancestral Eating
Cotton ball diet
Blue sunglasses diet
Intermittent fasting
Juice diet
Fruit diet
Isogenix shake and supplement diet

The good thing about the documentary are that most people would be healthier if they consumed more vegetables and fruit. So that’s a positive.

The documentary (failed to) didn’t discuss the fact it is well documented that a vegan diet will be deficient in B Vitamins generally B9 and B12 and also deficient in leucine which is an amino acid that assists with muscle protein synthesis.

Idiotic Claims Number 1:

Bean Burrito and battling ropes-the director/producer of the documentary eats a bean burrito and does battling ropes for an hour and claims that because he ate a bean burrito he could perform that athletic feat educated nutritionist or performance coach would ever recommend eating a steak before performing that exercise; but to claim you could do that because you ate a bean burrito is moronic.

Idiotic Claim Number 2:

A Peanut butter sandwich is better for you and has higher protein content than 2 boiled eggs. Let’s look at this logically: 2 eggs would give you around 12-18 grams of protein… to get the equivalent amount of protein from peanut butter and bread you’d need to consume 2 pieces of bread and 200 grams of peanut butter which would give you around 600 calories. Conversely 2 boiled eggs would give you the same protein content with only 200 calories? By consuming the peanut butter that’s an extra 400 calories to your daily intake which is stupid!

Idiotic Claim Number 3:

The experts cited in the documentary all have a financial interest in the vegan plant based movement-selling books, cooking classes and supplements! One may think this could potentially skew their information to be biased so the consumer purchases their vegan products. Supporting evidence-Arnold Schwarzenegger who openly admits to using steroids and consuming meat to be one of the most successful bodybuilders and actors of all time is now vegan…funny how Arnold and Kobe Bryant are now investors/owners of a vegan supplement company.

Idiotic Claim Number 4:

40+ year old female Olympic gold medalist consumed a vegan diet-that’s great-but they never discussed the 2 other members of her team that ate meat using traditional omnivore/carnivore diet. There are more than 30 variables that contribute to sports performance-physical training, tactical skills, technical skills, psychological skills, genetics, recovery capacity, coaching quality to name a few, yes diet is a variable but to claim that she won an olympic medal solely because of her plant based diet is ridiculous!

Idiotic Claim Number 5:

Strongman put on pounds after eating vegan diet…I think he forgot to mention the anabolic steroids he consumed as well.:)

Idiotic Claim Number 6:

UFC fighter Connor McGregor got beaten by Nate Dias who consumed a plant based diet. Now they are really clutching at straws. What about when Conor McGregor fought Khabib and got absolutely smacked. Khabib is renowned for his consumption of animal protein. But the documentary makers conveniently left that one out.

All diets have a place and can work for certain individuals at certain points in time.

The problem arises when people get their information from netflix or the internet or rigidly stuck to 1 type of dietary dogma at the expense of health and common sense.

Diet and exercise has become the new religion-I’m right, you’re wrong. And as a wise man once said people like to be put in a box…I’m vegan..I’m paleo, I do crossfit, I do F45, I do 9 or 7 rounds or whatever it is??.

We have literally Trialled everything, tested and measured different diets and exercise protocols too see what works and guess what…most things work..

One of the elite dietary concepts I’ve used and some of my world class colleagues have begun to experiment with is combining all dietary elements into the ultimate diet..yes we now combine paleo, high carb, low carb, high fat, intermittent fasting, nutrient timing, juice fast detoxing, vegan, vegetarian, into 1 day into the 1 diet.

I have no financial gain if a person consumes animal protein or if they consume a vegan diet..

No one is saying that vegans can’t succeed in sport and other events-that seems to be the underlying theme and philosophy throughout the documentary!

As always be wary of who you receive your information from…and what their intentions are..

All the best,