AFL Camp Special Guest High Performance Mindset Coach Amon Woulfe

Absolutely blown away to have high performance mindset coach Amon Woulfe down to share his insights and expertise to our tribe members. Amon works with elite athletes and teams in the NRL, AFL, English Football and Indian Football, as well as leading corporate brands and emergency services. Co-author of ‘Missing In Action’ which reveals where the mind goes missing under pressure, and how to get it back.

• Lifting the Adelaide Crows to AFL Minor Premiers in 2017


• Rabbitohs win the NRL premiership in 2014


Mindset is your #1 competitive advantage

Your mindset is your #1 advantage, and most people aren’t training it. It’s the operating system that drives your whole athletic performance. Under pressure it’s the mind that goes missing, and the body just follows.

“I feel the mind and body must work together. I believe just as strongly in the importance of mental fitness as I do about physical fitness.”
– Tom Brady, 5-time Super Bowl Champion, New England Patriots NFL

A high-performance mindset, combined with mental skills that work under pressure, will set you apart from the competition.

“Every team is out there doing the nutrition and the strength coaches and the running coaches and the skill coaches, so the fact that you can train the mind and not every team is out there doing it, you can gain a nice advantage.”
– Luke Walton, Head Coach LA Lakers, NBA

• The mind controls the body
• Athletes go missing under pressure
• Coaches don’t know where they go or how to get them back
• Athletes are not intentionally checking out due to an attitude problem
• The mind is a key player in performance fluctuations
• Life used to be harder but sport was easier, now life is easier but sport is harder
• Toughening the body doesn’t mean you toughen the mind
• The mind always gives up before the body
• The ‘mind stigma’ causes athletes to not talk about their mindset for fear of being dropped
• Athletes don’t want to become someone with a problem
• If we don’t name it, we can’t tame it
• The skill is how rapidly we can reset the mind and get back in the game
“The body will do what the mind says”
– Richie McCaw ?final moments of 2011 World Cup Final

Kurt Tippett, Amon Woulfe and Gold Coast Suns Player Lachie Weller and Joey Hayes at The USP High Performance Mind Seminar 2019

Questions from Parents and Athletes that were addressed:

Q1) What demotivates athletes? 

A1) Money

Q2) What are the commonalities in the Mind Performance Profile amongst the highest performers in sport and business?

A2) High Intrinsic Motivation and High Levels of Responsibility.

Q3) What’s the biggest waste of time or mistake you see athletes make when it comes to mental side of sport?

A3) Positive thinking; instead choose optimism.

Q4) What’s the number 1 parenting skill you can do when raising a junior athlete?

A4) The greatest burden of a child is the unlived life of their parents.

Q5) What’s the best way to foster self confidence and self esteem in my son/daughter?

A5) The way you talk to them. Spend time and discuss the concepts that were bought up today.

Q6) What’s the number 1 thing that stops athletes becoming great?

A6) Being good. Athletes can become complacent. it can be challenging to work hard when you’re sleeping in silk robes.

Q7) Can you tell when an athlete is going to miss?

A7) Yes, signals, body language, composure, posture all have a bearing on skill execution and ultimately physical performance..

Q8) What’s the mental skill that is often neglected, but creates massive results?

A8) Disinterest-not attached to an outcome. Helps keep athletes present. The art of not trying. Just do it.

Q9) What’s the biggest myth surrounding mental training?

A9) That you can’t measure it.

Q10) What similarities do great athletes share that separates them from the rest?

A10) Situational Focus and the greats like Kobe-“Create the game others play”.

Q11) What’s 1 mental skill that everyone can walk away with today, no matter what walk of life they come from?

A11) It’s part of the game

1 Train your Awareness – get good at ‘going to the balcony’ and noticing what you are thinking about. Choose the thoughts that support your performance, and leave the others behind.

2 Train your Focus – Muse headset or Meditation app like Headspace or Smiling Minds. Focus is under threat, and you need to train your brain to have excellent focus to be an elite athlete. If not, your default will be stressed and distracted.


3 Train your Breath – ensure your biomechanics are correct by breathing from your belly and engaging your calming nervous system. Practice by adding seconds to your outbreath, and aim to breath at 12 breaths/minute or less.

4 3 Body Breaths – take 3 Body Breaths to recentre yourself, get out of your thoughts, and make your body strong. Use this as often as possible in training or games.

5 Shake It Out – shake your macro body muscles to discharge tension and anxiety from your body and calm your mind. You can also learn ‘tremoring’ as an advanced technique.


6 Train your Presence – how you hold your body, and how you direct your eyes has a massive impact on your own confidence, and the confidence of your opponent. Stand tall, shoulders back, eyes up, use your breath, laser your focus, be unstoppable.

“The power of the mind is the main difference between good players and great players.”
– Tony Parker, 4-time NBA champion

We’ve had a tonne of people ask us about how they can contact Amon-For those that found Amons’ presentation and information valuable he has a few programs, products and services that may be of interest to you. His website is and you can follow him on instagram

• 1:1 coaching program – have you personal Mind Performance Profile debriefed + 1:1 coaching sessions to learn mindset tools that lift performance in the very best

• ‘Rapid Reset’ training – 4 group training sessions to learn the tool for rapidly reseting your mind under pressure (the tool that the Rabbitohs and Crows used)

• Click the link here to Sign up for copy of Missing In Action (due for release March/April 2019)

“There’s a short little window where [mindset training] is going to be a significant advantage.”
– Michael Gervais, High Performance Psychologist, Seattle Seahawks NFL

All the best,

Joey Hayes