How have you progressed in 2014?

It was a few years ago now…I remember my jaw almost hit the floor…

Whilst consulting with an Elite Sporting Teams strength and conditioning coach I asked him the following question…

“How much professional development do you do each year”?

“Joey, mate to be honest, I haven’t done any for the last 3 years”

“Why is that I asked”?

I seriously don’t have the time…I’m working and coaching 80+ hours per week-early mornings and late nights, couple that with travelling with the team sometimes for 2-3 days straight, and then trying to spend time with the family….

“What about when the season ends”?

“Joey, we don’t stop when the season ends…..the players get a break…but we have to plan and we are still working with guys in rehab as well…I’m looking at about 2 weeks break off at the end of the season and then another 5 days over the Christmas new year period at the most..Joey, the last thing I want to do is read or research anything to do with coaching and elite performance…

That response blew me away…mainly for 2 reasons..
1. Because the coach is failing to do anything in order to get better and or improve!
2. The team and his athletes have languished at the bottom of the ladder for the last 3 years..

The definition of a fool is someone that does the same thing expecting a different result…

As the majority of coaches and trainers that read my website..I ask you the following questions

1. As a coach what are you doing to get better?
2. What have you read?
3. What have you watched?
4. How have you developed your communication skills?
5. How have you refined your systems?
6. What training sessions have you watched?
7. What seminars and or courses have you attended?
8. Who have you visited?
9. Who do you bring in as a consultant to your club, business and or organisation?

They say that where you’ll be in 5 years time is dictated to by 5 key factors:
1. The places you go.
2. The books you read.
3. The people you meet.
4. The seminars/courses you attend.
5. The action you take from the knowledge you gain!

If you’ve done nothing, learned nothing, change nothing and you’re not winning…how do you expect a different result?

How do you expect to get your athletes, footballers and make them better and or improve them??

Yes, Joey it’s all good to point the finger…but what about you?

What have you done in the last month to improve and develop as a coach?

Self-reflection is a great thing!

Well, where do I start?

First off, I visited the strength and conditioning department at the Brisbane lions to get an overview of their LTAD protocols for the incoming athletes into their programs, to make sure that any of the junior AFL Footballers I train don’t just meet the Lions goals but smash them out them water! I can assure you with 100% certainty our programs will prepare you to exceed their expectations the S and C staff have on the junior footballer coming into their programs.

USP Coach Joey Hayes with the Brisbane Lions Strength and Conditioning Department

USP Coach Joey Hayes with the Brisbane Lions Strength and Conditioning Department

A few weeks ago..I drove up the Sunshine Coast to catch up with Australian Wallabies Sports Nutritionist Gary Slater to see if there was anything else I could add to tweak our athletes nutrition plans…He was impressed with our systems and we spoke about carbohydrate timing and calorie cycling for maximal energy for an enhanced training effect, maximal muscle gain and maximal fat loss.

Australian Wallabies Nutritionist Gary Slater Detailing Calorie Cycling and Carbohydrate Timing and Consumption

Last week I had a consultation with American Stem Cell Researcher Peter Howard about how the implementation of stem cells could potentially turn back the clock on many old injuries, maximize recovery and increase growth hormone and testosterone levels naturally in masters athletes..

2 weeks back I caught up with a former triple premiership winning AFL physiotherapist who’s been having some downright amazing results with paraplegics and quadriplegics through TRE Traumatic Response Exercise…these Neurophysical Therapeutic Techniques are not just limited to those confined to wheel chairs but those athletes with any sporting injuries that do not seem to respond to traditional rehab protocols. We’ve been implementing these methodologies with AFL Superstar Kurt Tippett and the results from such a short time have been astonishing!

Kurt Tippett Undertaking The Revolutionary Neurophysical Therapeutic Training
Sydney Swans AFL Superstar Kurt Tippett Undertaking The Revolutionary Neurophysical Therapeutic Training

2 of the key reasons as to why coaches and trainers fail to undertake any professional development are:

1. Lack of money or financial resources to pay for the professional development!
2. Lack of time to undertake the professional development!

For me, those 2 excuses are irrelevant…

What price can you put on your athletes results?

When you can look your athletes in the eyes and say that you can guarantee they have the most cutting edge programs and innovative methodologies in the world that are going to give them the edge over their competition legally-

That is priceless!

Ill see you dominating in the world of elite sport!

All the best,

Joey Hayes