One of the most common questions I’m asked is, “How do I get the athletes to peak at the finals time”. After all, its no good having a fantastic pre-season if you fail to fire when it matters most.

1. The best kept secret is; In-Season Strength Training. It stands to reason that those that fail to maintain their strength throughout the season will be weaker than those that continue with their strength training through to the end of the season. All things being equal a Bigger, Stronger and Faster athlete will win!

Some of my successful AFL premiership winning strength and conditioning colleagues have consistently had their athletes peak and perform personal bests in key markers of their strength, speed and power during finals week. With the belief that the players will be neurally activated and optimised for the ensuing game.

Geelong Cats Premiership
The Geelong Cats Players hit personal bests in their strength during the finals!

Through my experience it also gives the athlete a fantastic sense of confidence going into the game knowing you are stronger, faster and fitter than your competition or than at the start of the year!!!

Nat Barnes Brisbane Broncos
Leading QRL Try Scorer PIT Athlete Nat Barnes smashed his Squat and Bench Press PB during finals week way back in 2006 back when he played in the Tweed Seagulls premiership team!

The key is having a coach with experience that understands your body and recovery capacity. As a coach we use both the art and science to design a program that gets you stronger throughout the season without the risk of over training or injury.

PIT Athlete Callum Carseldine Smashed his PB's In THE PIT Last night and is ready to peak when it matters most during finals time!

PIT Athlete Callum Carseldine Smashed his PB’s In THE PIT Last night and is ready to peak when it matters most during finals time!

2. Focusing on recovery from training and games! Nowhere was this more evident than the 2010 Grand Final between St. Kilda and Collingwood in which the first Grand Final was drawn. Basically the team that recovers the best and is fresher, pain/injury free is more likely to win. Recovery processes can be as basic or advanced as your budget allows.

Collingwood Premiership

Focused nutrition, hydration and flexibility is a great place for junior athletes to start. Once those are under control we can add other modalities, like Massage, Spas, IF Saunas, Skins, Hyperbaric Chambers, EMS and Escapism.

Focus on getting stronger and accelerating your recovery and you to can achieve premiership success.

All the best,

Joey Hayes