Integrity pays off…

I spent more than 18 months of rigorous testing research and development to design a specialised high performance RAW meal replacement protein bar for our elite USP athletes….

Athletic Superfood Protein Bars

I travelled the world talking with blood chemists, chefs, ayurvedic medicine specialists, herbalists, naturopaths in order to design something I would be proud of but more importantly something I could be confident to give my clients/athletes.

Dr Sam Queen The God father of functional medicine discussing optimal bar ingredients whilst I was in Miami last year!!

A bar that contains Only the very best of the best-certified organic ingredients, high quality sprouted Whole Grain Brown Rice Protein, low sugar (in fact the only sugar comes from fruits in the bars), no sneaky processed sugar alcohols (that don’t show up on nutrition panels for sugar), no soy or cheap fillers and functional herbs and spices to aid digestion and enhance immunity and stabilise blood sugar…..

Santiago High performance eating Nutritionist Chef Advisor

The Rolls Royce/Ferrari/Lamborghini of protein bars with no cost spared….

After sifting through 16 samples we finally decided on or Ultimate Raw Certified Organic Protein Bar…The feedback from athletes was mind blowing…the taste, texture nutritional profile was world class…and they were addictive…or healthy food that doesn’t taste like CRAP

Kimmana Nichols one of the worlds leading ayurvedic medicine practitioners. His input into the protein bar ingredients was invaluable!

Instead of sending free samples to instagram gurus, they were contacting us and purchasing the bars with their own money and promoting them freely because they were using the products!!

Kurt Tippett chowing down on USP BIGBOY BILTONG!!
Sydney Swans Superstar AFL Player Kurt Tippett Loving the USP Protein Bars!!!
Sydney Swans Superstar AFL Player Kurt Tippett Loving the USP Protein Bars!!!

We knew our products were good-especially considering the only marketing done-was word of mouth via our elite athletes!

On a marketing budget of $0

As the bars became more popular it was inevitable that health food stores and supplement stores began contacting us to stock our products…

They were keen…until they found about the manufacturing costs….

A high quality bar with expensive certified organic ingredients doesn’t come cheap….

They would say your product is amazing…but the margins aren’t high enough for this to be profitable…

“We really want to stock your bars but we need them cheaper….”

“Can you make us a bar with similar ingredients thats a lot cheaper”…

To which I responded “NO”!!

These bars were never designed to be profitable, they were designed to be the best! They were designed to be consumed by USP Athletes, I never designed them for the general population or the pretend health conscious market…

People who value and appreciate quality will always seek out the BEST-irrespective of price and when we looked at other bars on the market we knew our product was superior-albeit with less marketing hype or dirty dollars and free product paid Instagram experts who usually don’t even use the bars they’re promoting!

Our motto in life and business has always been about putting people before profits and doing the right thing even if it is going to cost you a few dollars….I guess that’s the price for integrity!

And one of the virtues and characteristics I promote at our strongman camp and in all of our daily athlete dealings-as integrity is very important to us!!

One of these integrous human beings that understands respects and lives by these philosophies is Scott Qwilliam who tried these bars and knew they were awesome.

He is our head man for USP Supplement distribution and finally nutted out an agreement with a chain of health food stores that understand the quality of our bars and don’t want to dilute dissolve or sacrifice quality for profits!!!

Protein bars in stock at the strand!!
Protein bars in stock at the strand!!

It’s great when you get mates that actually send pictures of your product in stock at the stores!!

Moral of the story-don’t sacrifice your values or qualities. Stay true to the cause and it will happen on your terms and conditions and at least you can sleep comfortably at night knowing full well that you did it the right way!!

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All the best,

Joey Hayes