A few years ago I was contacted by the management of 2 of Hollywoods biggest name female celebrities. They were coming out to Australia to shoot a blockbuster film on the Gold Coast and were looking for a trainer to help get them in perfect condition to look great for their role in the movie.

As some of Hollywoods top earners compensation for my services was not an issue. Especially since my 1 on 1 coaching fees are some of the most expensive in the world! Couple that, with the ability to co-write a book and film exercise/nutrition DVD’s with these particular Hollywood leading ladies.

Contracts were almost signed off and the coaching was about to begin. As you know, I always meet face to face with potential clients to ensure they understand what’s expected if I am to accept them as clients.

Upon meeting Hollywoods’ leading ladies, I soon realized my services were not compatible with what they were after. “ Joey, we just want to do some light exercises and some pilates, maybe a little yoga as well. We don’t want to sweat too much or train hard, you know what I mean? And look, about your nutrition information, I’ve been following the lemon juice detox diet so I’m going to stick with that? Is that alright with you?

No, it’s not alright with me, if you utilize my services and refuse to take my advice, how can I accept your money, what do you think I am…. a baby sitter? How can I take my self seriously?

I was told, I should just simply put up and train these beautiful celebrities, as it would be good for my business! It would get me coverage in womens magazines, newspapers and maybe a spot on Oprah, more facebook, twitter or instagram followers or something???? Because that is what I base my coaching self worth on right? WRONG!

Why would I want someone promoting my services that didn’t actually utilize them? That, to me is ludicrous! Fraudulent and disingenuous!

I don’t know what the point to my rant is…I guess it’s just one of integrity and doing the right thing even if it costs you financially.

I may not be a celebrity trainer or have my face in the magazines but at least I can look in the mirror and know I did it the right way!!!  I did it My way!!!

Integrity and doing what is right-pays off in the long run, and allows you to sleep at night!

In this industry you’re not renowned by who you train, but rather who you don’t!

That’s my promise to you as my athletes.

I will never accept just anyones’ money that walks through the door!

Unless they have what it takes to be PIT material-I’m not interested!

All the best,

Joey Hayes