A few years ago when AFL stars Kurt and Joel Tippett were training with USP at The PIT during their Off-Season they were asked by the media why they chose to train with Joey Hayes in a hot, dark, dank warehouse…I was dumbfounded by their response.

Joey Hayes and the media swarm at The USP PIT Gymnasium

Media, “Why are you here training in a hot dark dank warehouse in the summer time when you could literally walk into facility on The Gold Coast and train in air conditioned comfort?

Sydney Swans Superstar Kurt Tippett Off-Season Results in 35 days with USP!

Kurt said, “Simple he’s across everything”

Media, “Tell me what you mean?”

Joey and his USP Athletes trialling new ground breaking equipment with performance enhancing G-suits.

Kurt, “Simple, he’s always evolving his training methods, he’s constantly improving himself as a coach in every way!

Joey Hayes was one of the first coaches in the Country to introduce body tempering for his elite athletes seen here performing body tempering techniques on Olympic Gold Medallist Yolane Kukla

Joel, “Yes, he’s a psychologist, speed coach, nutritionist, supplement expert, fat loss, muscle gain, injury rehab, recovery specialist..

Joel Tippett Results in 4 weeks with USP in THE PIT over Christmas break!

Kurt, “Massage therapist, Sprint Coach, Weight Lifting Coach, Endurance and middle distance coach, does Dry Needling, Active Release Therapy..Flexibility…

Western Bulldogs AFLW Premiership Captain Katie Brennan in deep meditation with Sound healing and tremor therapy to accelerate recovery and relaxation!
Joey Hayes performing some active release therapy on Brisbane Broncos Player Nat Barnes Circa 2011.

Functional medicine and Blood Chemistry…Nothings left to chance and no stone is left unturned in the individual programs..I trust them. I’ve seen the link between the amount of time I train here in the off-season and the performance I have during the season!

Katie Brennan and Joey Hayes Dry Needling

Joel, “His network of elite world class health professionals is…phenomenal…

Ash Mahoney Australian Olympic Team Sprint Coach

Media, “How much did Joey pay you to say this?

Kurt, “Not enough, ha ha! Seriously, when you consider the level of service he provides. I’d be crazy to go anywhere else. I train here because it’s a 1 stop shop for everything an elite athlete needs.

Joel, “The young athletes he has coming through here probably don’t realise how lucky they are…and the amazing resource he is…

Media, “Joey have you got any places available for us to train?

Joey, Sorry, we’ve got a 6 month waiting list of athletes wanting to train with us” ha ha

This blatant shameless self promotion has been bought you courtesy of

Joey Hayes and USP!