Recovery Protocols Checklist

I have written spoken at great lengths about the importance of recovery! I have developed this recovery checklist that you can use to determine where the recovery process may be breaking down or areas you can improve upon.

1. Am I recording my recovery status daily?
2. Am I tracking my work loads?
3. Am I keeping a record of my training using my training diary?
4. Am I keeping a record of my food intake?
5. Am I sleeping 8 hrs per night and asleep before 10.30pm?
6. Am I consuming a post workout protein shake?
7. Am I performing specific recovery protocols for the training I am undertaking?
8. Am I performing self massage daily?
9. Am I performing flexibility work daily?

If you answered yes to all of these questions then you’re well on your road to recovery and get expect massive improvements in performance!

Stay focused,

Joey Hayes