Stoked to have Elite Sports Manager Ryan Kogelman of RDK Sports down to attend our AFL High Performance Camp on Saturday. Some of Ryans’ clients include’ Gold Coast Suns Player Jesse Joyce, AFLW Player Sam Virgo, Iron Woman Harriet Browne, World Champion and Olympic Gold Medallist Lakeisha Patterson.

1.Rep Teams should be a goal for all athletes. However they are not a pre-requisite to getting drafted. Ryan cited many examples of athletes that never made rep teams yet still got selected and drafted to AFL Clubs. if you are good enough you will make it!

2.Do not give AFL teams a reason not to recruit you. Ryan specifically discussed this concept in great depth regarding your own personal brand.

3.Clubs spend a lot of time and money on draft prospects for their clubs. It’s not enough to be a good footballer. AFL Clubs want model citizens off the field as well. They don’t want hassles or drama so they steer clear of athletes with any of those issues.

4.Recruiting scouts will talk to your school teachers, principles and employees and run psychological tests to get a feel for your character. If you have behaviour or absentee issues at school or work clubs may overlook you.

5.Recruiting scouts and clubs will look at your social media activity-comments, pictures,  and  pages you like to get a feel for you as a person. Ryan recommends setting the profile to private but more importantly think logically about posting or commenting something and assume it will be seen by club or scout.

6.I didn’t get drafted at 18 years of age-last years draft and recent rule changes have allowed more mature age players than ever to get drafted. Some players take longer to physically mature and are not ready at 18 to be drafted. If you work hard, access the right coaches and perform to the best of your ability-anything is possible. Ryan spoke about player that was All Australian U/18, Vic Metro U/18 best and fairest, BOG in TAC Cup Grand Final and won 4 best and Fairest’s for his VFL Side before finally getting drafted last year.

7.With the recent Ollie Wines wake boarding injury-the question was asked about footballers and their social lives and restrictions on social activities etc. Ryan discussed the importance of having a social life or other interests away from footy. Ryan cited mental health and life balance as important factors to contribute to the overall health, performance and success of the athlete! But athletes need to be mindful of not performing any activities that may jeopardise your football career through injury.

8.Ryan also spoke about your social environment and the company you keep. Be mindful of the people you associate with as they will and can influence you either positively or negatively.

All the best,

Joey Hayes