Have you heard about the tall poppy syndrome in Australia? Imagine a young athlete doing extra training to improve themselves and attempt to become better than they currently are. Learning the value of discipline, work ethic and focus. Wouldn’t you think his parents, family and friends would be
supportive and encouraging of his new training and lifestyle choices!!

Well I thought they would!!

I was shocked to hear that some of our young athletes that do extra work in THE PIT in an effort to improve and become better humans and athletes actually get crap hung on them for doing so?

I thought it was a joke?
I mean what sort of human being or person would tease, pay out or hang crap on someone that is trying to improve?

It is my belief and my experience that it does not matter how talented you are
Hard work beats talent, when talent doesn’t work hard!!

Click the video link below to check out my interview with USP Athlete and Essendon recruit Sam Michael talking about his experiences with tall poppy syndrome growing up!

For those that are unaware tall poppy syndrome is a mentality in Australia whereby Australians cut people down to size-to bring them back to their level-especially when they seek self improvement.



All the best,

Joey Hayes