Head injuries as a result of contact sports are becoming more common. With the rise of participation in female contact sports-females are more than twice as likely to sustain a concussion than their male counterparts.

Female concussion vs male concussion events. Source (1):

Unlike a broken bone, brain and head injuries can cause long lasting range of side effects.

Head aches, Nausea, Balance and Vestibular Problems, Blurred Vision, Inability concentrate or focus and Insomnia to name a few.

Concussion Symptoms Source: (2)

One of the reasons for increased female concussions has been attributed to the anatomical proportions of the female neck and head.

Female athletes generally have shorter and narrower necks, and lower head mass (their heads are smaller and less dense). These factors are associated with lower neck strength. Neck strength is a protective factor against concussion, so women may be more susceptible for this reason.

Which is precisely why we Target neck strength with all of our athletes!

See video below of Georgie Rankin using one of Australia’s only Iron neck Strength Training Devices.


We also use advanced computer eye tracking to assess our athletes vision and brain function for a baseline and then can re-train our athletes vision, reaction, co-ordination with high tech equipment seen in the video below if they happen to experience a concussion.


Isometric Swiss Ball Neck Drills Can also assist in strengthening the neck. (Athlete USP Gun AFL Player Piper Phelan)


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Joey Hayes

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