Top 7 Ways to Build Mental Toughness
Whilst attending the NSCA Conference in Washington last month the discussion turned to Mental Toughness. In particular how coaches, parents and athletes can develop it. Check out the article below to  find out how you can implement techniques to enhance your mental toughness. 

They Say Get Your Mind Right. Your Body Will Follow.
What is Mental toughness: The ability to persevere through tough times, tough training sessions, and strict diets. It’s that mental edge that helps you cope better, be more consistent, more focused, more in control, and more confident.

No one could questions Nathan Andrews mental toughness on his remarkable comeback from and triumphant return to footy following cancer! Nathan Andrews training with Joey Hayes from Ultimate Sports Performance gym in Miami. Picture: Jerad Williams

Top 7 Ways to Build Mental Toughness
1. Kick your own backside at training/competition! In other words learn to push
your body to the limits at training and in competition!

2. Clear your head. Clarity leads to power!

3. Mental toughness has a high neurological component that’s part genetic.
(Discussed in next weeks newsletter)

4. Mental toughness comes from a healthy mindset. I’m talking here about
the state of your mind when things turn hellish. (Discussed in last weeks newsletter)

5. Get out of your comfort zone. Way out.

6. Go out of your way to train alongside people with much more training
experience and success than you.

7. Mental toughness arrives in our life due to this cocktail:
1. Meaning/Purpose: Something we deeply desire.
2. Self Control/Discipline: All of the things needed to be done to achieve it.
3. Perseverance: The ability to keep repeating that self-control and discipline.

All the best,

Joey Hayes

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