What sort of house are you building?
It was his last house he was going to build before he retired..His boss asked him to build just 1 final house before he hung up his tools…

His heart wasn’t really in it but his boss had been good to him so he decided he’d do it.

He trudged thru the job, getting in done but not really taking the same level of care he’d done with the majority of his work.

For him retirement was at the forefront of his mind after all it was just a few days away and it was hard for his mind to focus on the task at hand..

He thought about all the wonderful things he’d do when he’d retire!

Anyway he got the job done in record time he informed his boss the house was built…he knew it wasn’t his best build but satisfied he could now move on to the next chapter of his life!

His boss did something unusual..

He called him up and asked to meet him at the house he’d just finished..

He wondered what that could mean??

His boss was there waiting for him and with a stern voice said, “You’ve been an integral part of the business and as a reward for your loyalty I’d like to give you this final house you’ve built”.

He should’ve been ecstatic..instead he looked down at the ground and he could barely mumble a thank you…

Oh how he would’ve done things differently if he knew he was building the house for himself…

He wouldn’t have cut corners…

He would’ve taken far more pride in his final job.

He would’ve went over it with a fine tooth comb..

Leaving nothing unturned..and nothing to chance….

He would’ve taken the upmost care and made this swan song.. his final house a master piece..aka the pièce de résistance

A mentor of mine shared this story with me and said Joey, “What type of house are you building…he was referring to my business?

That’s why I coach like it may be my very last coaching session..

It’s why I’ve implored my coaches to coach like their life depends upon it…

I’ve told them in no uncertain terms that you never know who is watching or who you are training, so you better give it your all!

The same could be said for an athlete..competition…training focus and intensity, nutrition adherence and recovery processes.

You’re only as good as your final game..last coaching session etc.

The old saying how you do anything is how you do anything has never been so prevalent!

Keep your standards high!